Who Is Aaron Ryder Parents And Wife?

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Who Is Aaron Ryder Parents And Wife?

Aaron Ryder is a film producer. He is well known for producing movies Memento, Donnie Darko, Mud, and The Founder

In 2021, he started his own production company, Ryder Picture Company

He was born to his parents in 1960 and has his birthday on January 1st. He is an American citizen by nationality. 

Married Life Of Aaron

Aaron is a married man, and he has a wife. 

Age And Net Worth 

Aaron is 63 years old. He has a net worth of $5 Million. His source of income is movie production. 

The Research Behind Sci-Fi Movie 

Aaron has worked in many incredible movies as a producer throughout the years. One of the popular movies was Transcendence

The movie was released in 2014 and was a sci-fi thriller. 

Aaron said that he and his whole team had to research a lot before movie making and even took a professor's guidance. 

Because of the professor's help, he made a science fiction movie by keeping the reality concept on the ground. 

The professor changed some concepts that didn’t make sense in reality. 

During that time, he also learned about the things that he only thought were imaginary science fiction that had become reality. 

The technology and everything became vast, and with the help of their research, Aaron and his team made the Transcendence an excellent sci-fi movie. 

Aaron Was Fascinated By Johnny Depp 

Johnny Depp is one of the finest actors in the industry. He was signed for the lead role in the movie Transcendence

Johnny played the character of Dr. Will Caster in the movie, and how he played his character amazed Aaron

Aaron said that Johnny is very good at fitting himself into every character he plays. 

He has seen Johnny playing a different role, and somehow, his looks, voice, and efforts bring out his character's life. 

He can change himself into any character, which he did while playing Will.

Aaron has seen Johnny playing different characters well, but it was unique when he played Will. 

Johnny was more like himself and gave his unique touch to Will's character, which Aaron had never seen, which captivated him. 

Amy Addam Was The First Choice

Aaron and his team cast Amy Addam for their movie Arrival.

Aaron shared his story on why Amy was cast in the movie. 

Aaron opened up that he and his friend Dan wanted Demi Villanova to direct their movie, so they visited him in his home in Montreal

They knew Demi was working on another project, but still, they thought of giving it a shot. 

Aaron and Dan went there and asked Demi if he could meet them. Demi agreed, and Aaron talked to him and gave him a script to read. 

When Demi read the script, he liked it and immediately said yes to direct. 

However, Aaron and his team hadn’t fixed the actress to play the role, so they decide to write their preference name on paper. 

Aaron, Dan, and Demi wrote the name, and when they opened the paper, all of them had Amy Addams's name, so they talked to her, and as she agreed, they fixed Amy for the movie. 

Aaron Was Scared Of Losing People

Aaron produced the movie ARRIVAL, which was a big hit. The movie was excellent, and he and his team put much effort into making it happen. 

Aaron talked about his most significant challenge in the Arrival movie in an award interview and said that time was his biggest challenge. 

They got Demi to direct and Amy Addam to star in the movie, but both were busy with their projects. 

Demi was working on his movie, and Amy was busy shooting another film, so bringing them together for Arrival was not working. 

They waited for a whole year to shoot the movie, and during that year, Aaron and his team were scared about losing any of them. 

Luckily, Demi and Amy were interested in the movie, so they waited and made it happen. 

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