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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy states, explains and provides information for the users and other third parties about the data process of collects, processes, makes uses of, stores, and unveils data from clients and users.

The privacy policy of applies to the website and its features.

There are certain types of information we collect from the users. Information such as email addresses can be asked for subscriptions. However, it is important to know that it is up to the user and visitor of this website to either provide their email address or to choose not to.

However, choosing not to provide information such as email addresses keep the visitors from using and benefit from some features of this website. If the user does not want to receive emails about new content on the website, the user should not provide their email addresses for a subscription.

We collect non-individual recognizable proof data. Non-individual recognizable proof data means devices the user uses to browse our website, browsers, and other details. The sole purpose of collecting personal information is to upgrade the user experience. When the user accepts the privacy policy, he/she agrees to the collection and use of personal information as stated in this privacy policy.

It is important to know the information we collect and use.


Cookies are data that have unique information. It is sent to the browser from the website. Cookies are stored on the hard drive of the computer. Users can refuse cookies, but doing so may block some services from the website. The sole purpose of cookies is to collect information.  

Log Data

Log data is described as the information that the browser sends to the user of the website. Log data has information such as browser type, IP address, browser version, and the page the user interacts with. Log data also has details about the time and date of the visit from the user and the session period.

Analytics service such as Google Analytics is used to collect, process and analyze the data. The purpose behind this is to make the pages interactive and provide a better user experience.

Third-party have their privacy policy. The third party’s privacy policy states how they use the information.

Ads, Third-Party, And Cookies

Ads networks use cookies for carrying out their ad operations. We use ads from Google Adsense and other Google’s Ad Exchanges and Google Doubleclick. We also rely on other ad networks such as Content Ad, Revcontent, Primis for our ad management. Please visit their respected websites to get to know about their privacy policy. 

Third parties are used by this website for several purposes, such as analyzing the traffic, knowing user behavior, heatmaps, etc.. Those third parties have their their privacy policy. We also use push services such as Onesignal for sending push. The user needs to opt-in to use the push. Onesignal also has its privacy policy.

These third parties have access to the personal information of the user. They use the information to carry out their set of functions for which the website has used them. They do not disclose any of the personal information.

Laws, ownership transfer, mergers

If personal information needs to be disclosed to comply with the law, Doveclove will do so. This will be to protect the integrity of the service and to abide by the law.

If has to go for merger or acquisition, the personal information may be transferred. In this scenario, the users will get prior notice.

Links to other websites

For editorial purposes, visitors can visit another website to read more content on a particular topic. Those websites have their privacy policy. When users visit another website via those links, we have no control over them when they are on those pages of other websites than Doveclove.

CCPA (Compliance With California Consumer Privacy Act) complies with and acts accordingly with California Consumer Act, 2018. is never involved and will never be involved in trading or selling personal information, though. The only purpose of collecting information from the user is to make the users’ experience better.

Users from California possess certain rights while using

  1. will disclose the categories of personal information it collects.
  2. has and always will disclose the purpose of collecting that information.
  3. will delete the personal information of California residents when requested.
  4. will and has disclosed third parties associated with the website.
  5. users can practice “Do Not Sell My Information,” which gives them the right to opt-out from the sale of their personal information. The website also takes requests for deleting personal information collected from the users.  
  6. Users on will not be discriminated against for practicing their rights.  

Changes and Notices

Privacy Policy is updated from time to time.

This page also contains the Terms Of Use of the website

Terms OF Use

This page contains the points and policies which will govern the use of the website, The points and policies are applicable for all the pages of the site,

You accept terms and conditions on this page while you are using the pages of the website,

If in case, you have an objection or you deny any point on this page, you are kindly requested not to use the website.

Intellectual Property Rights

The content, data, and information on this website, is owned and regulated by a team of content creators, researchers, editors, and SEO professionals. The team governs the data, content, and information, and the company, which includes all the working professionals, working hard to deliver content every day to the readers.

The users must follow some restrictions while using the pages of the website and the website as a whole.

Restrictions Number 1: 

The webpages, content, data, and materials used on this website cannot be published on other websites. The content cannot be scrapped or plagiarized on other websites.

Restrictions Number 2:

If in case, the content needs to be used for commercials purposes, permission must be granted by the team and website owner.

Restrictions Number 3:

Permission is a must while displaying the data, information, and content publicly.

Restrictions Number 4:

The website content, data, and information cannot be used for data mining, data extracting, data scraping, and other activities that can harm the team, readers, as well as are against the laws regulating search engines, copyright, and the internet.

Restrictions Number 5:

Advertisers and companies wanting to run marketing campaigns need permission from the team and website owners.  

Note: The user, to whom the rights are transferred, do not gain the permission and grants.