Abby Rubenfeld- Tragedy Of Paul Reubens Sister

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Abby Rubenfeld- Tragedy Of  Paul Reubens Sister

Abby Rubenfeld is the sister of the late American actor and comedian Paul Reubens. She is a civil rights attorney. 

She was born in the year 1953 and is 70 years old. Her parents' names are Judy and Milton Rubenfeld.

She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Abby Rubenfeld's father.
Abby Rubenfeld's father. Source: Facebook

About Abby's Brother Paul

Paul was an actor and comedian. In the movie Pee-wee's Big Holiday, he was famously known for his character as Pee-wee Herman

He appeared in many movies and series throughout his acting career. 

He was born in 1952 and had his birthday on August 27

His parents raised him with his two siblings in Peekskill, New York. 

Abby Rubenfeld's brother Paul Reubens.
Abby Rubenfeld's brother Paul Reubens. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Paul 

Paul never married legally, but there has been news of his involvement in impromptu marriage.

Back in 1988, he was dating actress Valeria Golino, and it was also known that he got married to her and had a temporary marriage license signed by Imelda Marcos

Age And Net Worth 

Her brother Paul was 70 years old. He had a net worth of $5 Million.

Abby Rubenfeld with her siblings.
Abby Rubenfeld with her siblings. Source: Pinterest

Paul Turned His Character To Pee-Wee Herman

Paul was mostly known to be the Pee-Wee Herman more than himself, as he had been in this character for most of his early life. 

He had not been presented in front of the media as himself before he gave an interview to CNN. 

In the interview, he revealed where nature's character and sound were developed. 

He said he used to work at a Theater where he played the Seasons of Life with his father. 

He was the second oldest son in the series, and his cartoon form had the voice he mimics as Pee-Wee. 

While growing up, he saw kids around him, and they had certain behaviors and characters as a group. 

He copied and modified the same character to make Pee-Wee, and people loved it. 

He loved to entertain people, so he stuck with the character for a long time.

Paul Gave His Dad Water From The Toilet

Paul gave an interview on Conan O'Brien talk show where he shared his little tea set story. 

Paul's sister got a tea set on an occasion that she didn't like, but Paul was amazed with the tea set and told his sister that he would take it. 

So his dad saw him with the tea set and told if they could have a tea party. 

He was shocked but was all in for the tea party, so he went to his room and arranged his kid's furniture. 

His dad came, sat on his small chair, and Paul served water as tea in the little cup. 

His dad drank it and told Paul it was good, so he asked the tea again. 

Paul was so happy and served tea to his dad three times, but on the fourth time, when his dad asked for more, he said there wasn't any more tea left because the toilet was empty. 

So he served his dad toilet water as a tea the whole time.

Paul Masturbated In Public

Paul came to the spotlight after his role as Pee-wee Herman. That character gave him immense fame and success. 

However, in 1991, he did something wrong for his reputation. 

In 1991 he got arrested for indecent exposure. He went to watch an adult movie at an adult theatre and was found masturbating in the theater while watching a movie. 

He was seen masturbating by one of the detectives who went there to check on the audience during the adult movie. 

After that movie, while he was leaving, he got arrested for indecent exposure. 

Another three men were also caught along with him. 

Paul denied the whole accusation and claimed that he didn't do anything. His case was later dropped after he was fined for what he did.

Paul Apologized To The Public

The famous comedian who won millions of hearts with his comedy and acting skills is no more. 

Paul died on July 31, which made his fans, family, and friends shocked and sad. 

The reason behind his death was cancer which left his fans even shocked. 

After his death, a statement was released where he apologized to his fans for hiding his cancer battle. 

He had been secretly battling cancer for six years, and the news only came out after his death. 

His death affected lots of people, especially his family and closed ones. 

Many celebrities who have been close to him shared their kind words on his death and wrote about how kind and great a friend he was.

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