Who Is Abi Yaxley? Girlfriend Of Lewis Dunk

by Sushant Thu Aug 04 2022 Updated On Sun Aug 07 2022
Who Is Abi Yaxley? Girlfriend Of Lewis Dunk

Abi Yaxley is the beautiful girlfriend of Lewis Dunk. She is famous because of her boyfriend, a professional football player.

She is a very private girl, so she hasn't declared her personal information in front of the public yet.

Abi Yaxley's husband Lewis Dunk.
Abi Yaxley's husband Lewis Dunk. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Abi is currently in a relationship with Lewis. Both are very happy with each other. 

Although it has been many years since they have been together, they haven't married each other. 

We hope that someday they will declare us about their wedding. 

They share a deep bond as both of them are beloved parents. 

They gave birth to a child before marrying each other. They gave birth to a son and daughter. 

Those kids get unconditional love from their parents. We can see that most of the time, the kids spend time with their parents. 

Even in the professional life of Lewis, we can see his beautiful girlfriend and his son and daughter supporting him as an audience. 

They are very much happy with each other. They never miss out on any vacation without each other.

Family of Abi Yaxley.
Family of Abi Yaxley. Source: Pinterest


She does not disclose her age, but we might guess she might be around 25 to 30 years old.

Net worth

The net worth of Abi has not been disclosed, but her partner's net worth is $14.1 Million.

He has a good income source as a professional football player.

Lewis Professional Career

Lewis was born on 21 November 1991. He has been fond of football since his childhood. 

His journey in a professional match was very hard for him. His first club in his career was Brighton & Hove Albion

He has given his best for the club since 2007, which means it has been 15 years since he has been serving Brighton. 

That's why today he is a deserving Brighton & Hove Albion captain

As a captain, he has a lot of pressure to manage the team, but he has completed and faced all the challenges.

As an old player of Brighton, he knew that his club wasn't getting a chance to play Premier League from the club because the club was not promoted. 

But in 2017, after winning the championship, their club got promoted to the Premier League.

It was the wait of ten years for him from the club for that promotion. 

He was very emotional on the promotion day because he knew and had faith in himself that one day his club would get what it deserved. 

Although Brighton hasn't won any championship, they got a chance to prove by their game that they are also a deserving club for this championship. 

We hope this club will win the trophy of the Premier championship one day.

Lewis Captaincy And Skill

Being a captain was great pressure for Lewis, he was also a player, so he would understand the feelings of other players. 

More than the captain, he was a friend of every player. He was always sharing the thing he tried to learn. 

He never disappointed as a player to his club members. 

Talking about his skills, he was very incredible. His tackles and attacks were just amazing for the audience. 

Although he has fewer followers on social sites, many Brighton audiences know him as a great captain. 

His story, besides his career, is very much inspirational for us.

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