Who Is Abimbola Akanji? Father Of Manuel Akanji

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Who Is Abimbola Akanji? Father Of Manuel Akanji

Abimbola Akanji is the father of professional Swiss football player Manuel Akanji

He is a financial expert professionally. His wife, Isabel Akanji, is a tennis player

He shares three children, Sarah Akanji, Michelle Akanji, and Manue, with his wife. He is a Nigerian citizen by his nationality. 

Abimbola Akanji with his wife.
Abimbola Akanji with his wife. Source: Life Blogger

About Abimbola's Son Manuel 

Manuel is a professional football player. He currently plays for the Manchester City football team as a defender. 

He also plays for the Swiss national team. He joined Manchester United in 2022

He was born to his Nigerian dad and Swiss mom. His parents raised him with his two siblings, Sarah and Michelle

Children of Abimbola Akanji.
Children of Abimbola Akanji. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Manuel 

Manuel is married to his wife, Melanie Akanji. They married each other in 2019, and as of now, they are parents to two children. 

Before marrying Melanie, he dated her for nearly four years. They are a happy couple and have shared many pictures of themselves on their social media. 

However, Manuel and his wife have successfully maintained keeping their children out of the spotlight. 

They share pictures of their kids but always cover their faces with a sticker. 

Manuel Akanji with his wife and children.
Manuel Akanji with his wife and children. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

His son Manuel is 27 years old. He has a net worth of 2 Million Euros

Manuel Scored His First Goal

Manuel played in the 2023 Champions League, where his club Manchester went against Real Madrid

The game was impressive, and luckily Manchester won the match 4-0 with Real Madrid.

Manuel was pleased that his team managed to get into the finals. Moreover, he was pleased with the score. 

He scored his first-ever goal from Manchester, and it was his first in the Champions League.

He noticed the free space, so he went ahead for the goal. 

His teammate kicked the ball, which was touched by Manuel's head, considering it as Manuel's goal. 

Manuel's happiness with scoring his first goal was seen on his face as he couldn't stop smiling the whole time when he was explaining about his first goal moment. 

Manuel Is Good At Math

Manuel is one of the most talented football players. He is currently playing for Manchester City. 

However, football is not the only thing that Manuel is good at. He is highly talented in mathematics. 

In the interview with Sky Sports, the interviewer tested Manuel's math ability. 

Manuel shared that he is good at performing math because of his teacher. The teacher with whom he learned math had a unique way of teaching.

The teacher always made math a calculating competition, and eventually, Manuel started getting good at it. 

He always made it to the finals during the actual competition and won many times. 

He is way too fast and good at multiplication, and he proved it in the interview when he answered all the questions asked by the interviewer.

Manuel Couldn't Say No To Man City

Manuel joined Manchester City in 2022. Before that, he was playing for Borussia Dortmund

He received the offer from Manchester City when he was playing for Dortmund, and he immediately agreed to go to Manchester City because he thought it was an excellent opportunity to play for a team like that. 

Manuel feels he is physically fast and robust as a player, so he could be a perfect fit for Manchester City

Man City is one of the great clubs that have won many championships, and he has always admired that. 

His beginning experience in the club was great as he found the locker room and pitches well managed. 

Man City club is coached by one of the greatest coaches, Pep Guardiola, so he was excited to learn from him and his new team.

Manuel Misses His Mom's Food

Manuel gave an interview to the My Home Show in Manchester City, where he talked about his home, food, and teammate. 

He revealed that it was not about a particular location he would call home. 

He expressed that the place where he can chill and relax and where his family is present is a natural home for him. 

His family lives in Switzerland, so it is the place that he calls home. 

He visits his home country now and then, and whenever he goes there, he always meets his family. 

Rather than that, he goes to the city to try the sandwich with chicken and salami he loved when he lived there. 

He said that the sandwich is of really significant portion for lunch. 

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