Who Is Adalynn Faith Calvert? Daughter Of Leah Messer

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Who Is Adalynn Faith Calvert? Daughter Of Leah Messer

Adalynn Faith Calvert is the daughter of famous TV personality Leah Messer. 

She was born on February 4, 2013, in West Virginia.

Adalynn Faith Calvert's mother Leah Messer
Adalynn Faith Calvert's mother, Leah Messer Source: Instagram

Parents And Siblings

Adalynn was born to Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer

She has two beautiful twin half-sisters, Aliannah Hope Simms and Aleeah Grace Simms, born to her mother and her ex-husband Corey Simms

Adalynn Faith Calvert's mother Leah Messer and father Jeremy Calvert
Adalynn Faith Calvert's mother, Leah Messer and father, Jeremy Calvert. Source: Instagram


Adalynn Faith is nine years old. She celebrates her birthday on February 4 each year. 

She is a cute little girl with blonde hair. She has beautiful eyes like her father. 

She is an America, and her religion is Christian.

Net Worth 

Adalynn is very small to have her earnings. She depends on her parent's earnings for a living. 

However, she has an Instagram account with a good number of followers, 52.4k

An account with 100,000 followers earns $200 per post.

So, according to this estimation, she earns up to $1000 per post. 

Besides this, as a TV personality, her mother has an excellent net worth. 

The net worth of Adalynn's mother, Leah, is $50 thousand. She earns $250000 from the show she does.

An Interesting Marriage Proposal

Leah was married twice. Once, she was married to Corey Simms and for the second time to Jeremy Calvert.

Both of her marriage proposals were very romantic and interesting. She was proposed to by Corey while fishing. 

Corey took Leah fishing on a small pond, and there he hung a ring on a fishing hook. 

There Corey proposed to Leah for marriage. 

For the second time, after divorce from Corey, she was proposed to by Jeremy early in the morning in Jeremy's home. 

Jeremy brought a breakfast tray, and a note was written:" Will you Marry Me." Jeremy took out a beautiful ring from his pocket to marry her. 

Though her marriage proposals were romantic, her marriage life did not go well. 

She ended up with a divorce twice. 

Adalynn's Half-Sister Has Muscular Dystrophy

Aliannah Hope Simms and Aleeah Grace Simms are two half-sisters of Adalynn from her mother's ex-husband Corey

They are twin sisters born on December 16, 2009, in Elkview, West Virginia. They are 12 years old now. 

These sisters were born in a gap of hours. In most cases of twin children, one has some health complications. 

Likewise, Aliannah was born with Muscular Dystrophy, a rare genetic disease.

It causes weakness in progress and loss of muscle mass. This disease grew with growing age. 

She was diagnosed many times due to this disease. Her treatment worked well on her, so she is fine till today.

Adalynn Faith Calvert with her family
Adalynn Faith Calvert with her family Source: Instagram

Leah's Second Divorce Was Hard For Her

Leah was divorced from Corey in 2011. It was her first divorce. 

It was not that much hard for her. Instead, it was hard for Corey because Leah cheated with another guy name Robbie just a week before her marriage. 

This was the reason they ended up their marriage. 

For the second time, when Leah got married to Jeremy and Jeremy decided to divorce after having a daughter from him. 

The reason behind the divorce is not clear, but they had ups and downs. 

Jeremy sent a divorce file to Leah, which broke her heart very badly. 

She tried to convince him, but they ended in a divorce. 

Right after a divorce, Leah went through very bad mental health, for which she had to go through medication. Adalynn has an interest in soccer.

Adalynn Is Ready For A Soccer Match

The recently posted Adalynn and her mother's Instagram account show that Adalynn is interested in playing soccer.

Both accounts have posted two photos related to soccer. 

In one, she seems to be wearing a soccer dress and ready for the match and in another, she is with her friend, who is carrying a soccer ball. 

From this, we can say that she loves playing soccer.

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