Adam Bonin

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Adam Bonin

Adam Bonin is the ex-husband of American writer, television producer and journalist Jennifer Weiner.

He is a lawyer by his profession. His full name is Adam Craig Bonin. He has two children with Jennifer. Their names are Lucy and Phoebe.

He is of white ethnicity. Adam is an American by his nationality. 

Adam Bonin daughters
Adam Bonin daughters  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer was married to Adam previously. They were together back in the 2000s.

Jennifer and Adam got married in 2001. They have two daughters together. Adam and Jennifer had a long relationship together. 

They were married for nine years. Somehow, they couldn't maintain their relationship, so they divorced in 2010

After ending her first marriage, Jennifer started her love affair with Bill Syken. They tied their knot in 2016

As of 2021, they are still happily married. They have completed four years of togetherness and still counting more. They have no kids yet. 

Jennifer is happy with her husband.

Jennifer with her husband
Jennifer with her husband  Source: Instagram 

About Jennifer Weiner 

Jennifer is a writer, television producer and journalist born on March 28, 1970.

She was born and raised by her parents in DeRidder, Louisiana. He has two brothers and a younger sister. 

Her father left her when she was just a teenager. As a writer, she has written many novels. 

One of the novels, named In her Shoes, was also converted into a movie. 

She is well known for her novels Good in Bed and In Her Shoes. She has also shown her appearance in some shows as an actress. 

She made her first-ever appearance in 2005 in The Tony Danza Show. She is a very talented writer.

Jennifer in her photoshoot
Jennifer in her photoshoot  Source: Instagram 


His current age is 48 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jennifer is $5 Million. His source of income is writer, television producer and journalist

The yearly income of the writer is $67,120per year.

Jennifer Weiner Fought With Jonathan Franzen

Undoubtedly both Jennifer and Jonathan Franzen are the best novelist of the decade. 

But in 2010, Jennifer tweeted a tweet that was all over the media. 

In 2010, Franzen's novel was released, and it was promoted and appreciated for its best in New York Times

Jennifer, on the other hand, showed some problems with it. 

According to her, the novel didn't need that much appreciation as it was given by The New York Times

She tweeted that Franzen was already a well-settled novelist and hardly needed the hype for his works. 

Many other novels and novels need to be promoted, and showing the side of a white novelist was not fair, according to her. 

This tweet was all over the media, and some people were in support of Jennifer and some were opposed her.

Jennifer Weiner Was Alone In Her School Days

Jennifer Weiner belongs from an academic background as her parents were child psychiatrists and a teacher. 

She was always a studios child and was less social. She jumped her grade and hence had no friends. 

Her classmates looked at her as a joke and were made fun of. She was too talented for her classmates to understand. 

She was always neglected by everyone and was never invited to any of her classmates' houses for any occasion. 

She might have a huge fan following and people who truly love her around her now. But back then, in her school days, she was all alone and friendless.

She was sad and depressed. Hence, even now, when people try to get close to her, she remembers her past days when she was alone. 

She often questions herself: where were those people in those days.

Jennifer Speaks In Favor Of Female Writers

Jennifer is one famous female writer who has managed to achieve huge success in the writing world. 

As a writer and female, she talked about the criticism faced by a female writer. 

She has also gone through that phase, so she raised her voice. 

According to her, women writers are given less priority than male writers. 

She has seen books written by the male writer are highly paid, and they are given much more attention than the books written by a female. 

She claimed that gender discrimination in the writing field must be completely removed.

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