Who Is Adam C. Taylor? Son Of Judy Nugent

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 Who Is Adam C. Taylor? Son Of Judy Nugent

Adam C. Taylor is the late son of actress Judy Nugent. He was born in 1966 in Los Angeles

His father, Buck Taylor, is an actor. His parents tied the knot in 1961, and they parted ways in 1983

He had three siblings: Tiffany, Matthew, and Cooper. He was an assistant director and worked in movies like Far and Away, Leprechaun, and Tombstone

He died at the age of 27 in a fatal motorcycle accident in 1994. He crashed into a guardrail when he lost control. 

He died at the scene. 

Adam C. Taylor with his wife, Anne Lockhart.
Adam C. Taylor with his wife, Anne Lockhart. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Adam was married to Anne Lockhart. His wife is an actress. They got married in 1986

They had two kids together: a son, Zane, and a daughter, Carlyle. Both of his children are working in the movie industry now. 

After his death, his wife has not married anyone.

Adam C. Taylor with his wife and daughter.
Adam C. Taylor with his wife and daughter. Source: People

Death Of Mother

His mother, Judy, died on October 26, 2023. She was 83 years old at the time of death. 

According to her family, she was battling with cancer for a short period, and they were present by her side during her final moments at her Montana ranch.

She is best known for her role as Ann Carson in Around the World with Superman. 

Adam C. Taylor's late mom, Judy.
Adam C. Taylor's late mom, Judy. Source: IMDb


Judy was 84 years old at the time of death. 

Net worth

His mother Judy's net worth is estimated to be $250 thousand

Judy Started Her Acting Career When She Was A Child

Judy appeared on screen at the age of six.

She shared the screen with her sister Carol, and they played the same character at different ages. 

She landed a part in the family sitcom The Ruggles in 1949. She then appeared in multiple mid-fifties dramas, and her movie career took off.

Judy played the role of a little blind girl who won a Daily Planet contest and got to fly around the world with Superman on the television series Adventures of Superman in 1954

George Reeves played the Superman character. 

Judy Married Buck Taylor Twice

Judy was married to actor and artist Buck Taylor in 1961. A month after their marriage, they started annulment proceedings. 

The two worked on their marriage, got back together, and remarried in 1963

They share four kids from their marriage. They got divorced in 1983.

Judy Revealed How George Reeves Flew In 'Adventure Of Superman'

Judy was part of a television series based on a comic book that featured Superman.

George Reeves played Clark Kent, who was Superman in the show. 

In an interview with Western Clippings, she shared her experience working on the series. 

She shared that at that time, she was not allowed to tell how George flew as it was top secret. 

Later, she revealed that he was put on a cement kind of thing, and then he was dressed as Superman, fitted to his chest. 

There was a huge fan that made his cape fly all the time. People in the special effects department used it to do ups and downs to show the movement. 

She added there was a ladder below it, and she used to sit in it, and George would hold her up. 

She joked even though she was a little girl, she was pretty heavy. 

Lesser Known Facts About Judy

She was born in 1940 in California. Her parents were Carl Leon Nugent and Lucille Jane Redd

She had an elder sister who was also an actress like her. Her birthday falls on August 22

Her debut movie was It Had to Be You, which was a romantic comedy, and she was just six at that time. She retired from acting in 1962

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