Adam Harrison- Tragedy Of Rick Harrison Son

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Adam Harrison is the late son of Rick Harrison, who is an American businessman. His mother's name is Kim Harrison.

Died At The Age OF 39

Adam is Rick's son, the creator of Pawn Stars. Adam has passed away at the age of 39. 

Rick shared a tribute on Instagram with a photo of him and Adam expressed his love and grief. 

Adam’s older brother Corey Harrison also posted a childhood photo expressing his love. 

The family’s Public Relations Representative, Laura Herlovich, said that Adam’s cause of death is suspected to be a drug overdose. 

The family is deeply saddened by his death and requests privacy during this difficult time. 

The specific details of where Adam passed away and the substance involved in the overdose are not disclosed. 


Adam died at the age of 39.

Net Worth

Adam's father Rick's net worth is about $9 million.

Adam Harrison''s father, Rick Harrison.
Adam Harrison''s father, Rick Harrison. Source: Instagram

Rick Talked About His Journey To Pawn Stars

Rick didn’t go to college. He dropped out in the 9th grade

Instead of formal education, he taught himself by reading books and buying/selling stuff. 

Opening a pawn shop in Las Vegas was challenging because of the rules, but he didn’t give up. 

He got the license after a court ruling. Reading and learning independently helped him make intelligent choices on Pawn Stars

He talked about his dad, who passed away, praising him for being supportive and hardworking. 

Rick talked about his dad’s strong work ethic and the importance of family. 

His dad taught him to work hard and take care of his kids. 

Rick got into the pawn business and knew he had to be better than other pawn shops. 

Even without a college degree, he shows you can succeed with determination. 

However, he was frustrated with starting a business because of government rules. 

He thinks the Internet sales tax makes it harder for small businesses, which makes it more challenging for their success. 

Rick supports Trump and believes in capitalism

He doesn’t like the idea of everything being fair and finds taxes too complicated. 

He thinks competition is good for the economy, using the watch industry as an example. 

He doesn’t think socialism and considerable government work. 

When discussing democratic socialism, he doesn’t like the idea of the government having a lot of control in business. 

Rick Got In Legal Trouble With His Mom, Joanne

Rick had a legal problem with his mom, Joanne

He’s accused of taking control of his mom’s shares when she was in coma in 2001

He convinced her to give him 51% ownership; she might not have fully understood what was happening. 

The lawsuit claims Rick didn’t give his mom the correct business info and didn’t give her the money she was supposed to get. 

He allegedly reduced her payment from $25,000 to $20,000 monthly and stopped them during the pandemic. 

The lawsuit wants answers about a $3 million loan and said Rick broke a contract and a duty to care for his mom’s interests. 

Rick got kicked out of a bar for peeing in public and causing problems. 

He even threw a bar stool after taking pics with fans while drunk. 

Also, he made hurtful comments about transgender people using restrooms. 

There's a lawsuit against Rick and his son Corey by a Vietnam veteran named Daniel Callahan, who said they assaulted him. 

Corey says it is not true and that Daniel started the fight. 

The shocking part is that Rick changed his will in 2017 to cut out his youngest son, Christopher, without explaining why. 

Rick has been married four times. His current wife is Amanda Palmer.

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