Adam Silverman

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Adam Silverman

Adam Silverman is the son of American Socialite Lauren Silverman. His father name is Andrew Silverman who is a businessman

Simon Cowell is his mother's current partner. He is from America. He has one half-brother from his mother's side. He is an American.

Adam Silverman parents Lauren Silverman and Andrew Silverman
Adam Silverman parents Lauren Silverman and Andrew Silverman Source: Hello Magazine

Married Life Of Lauren Silverman

Lauren is not married at the moment. But she is indeed engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Simon Cowell

Their relationship was made public in 2013 after they revealed that Lauren was pregnant with their son Eric.

Before all of that, Lauren was married to Andrew Silverman

They divorced in 2013 after finding out that Lauren was pregnant with his friend Simon's child. 

Lauren has a child with Andrew too. His name is Adam Silverman.

Past Relationships Of Lauren Silverman

Lauren gained popularity after her news of an affair with Simon broke off. 

Before that, she was not much into the limelight. Hence, she has never revealed her past relationships. 

The only known relationship of Lauren is with her ex-husband Andrew and now fiance Simon.

Lauren Silverman with her fiancee Simon Cowell
Lauren Silverman with her fiancee Simon Cowell Source: Yahoo News

About Lauren Silverman

Lauren is an American entrepreneur and socialite born on 1 January 1977.

She was raised by her business personality parents Steven Davies and Carole Davies in Florida, United States, with her four sisters. 

She studied in Miami County Day school in Florida and got her bachelor's degree from Tufts University in Medford

She was not famous until her affair with Simon Cowell was public. She had two sons with two different men. 

Her elder son is with her ex-husband Andrew whereas her younger son is from her present relationship with Simon.

Adam Silverman half brother Eric Cowell
Adam Silverman half brother Eric Cowell Source: Instagram 


Adam was born in 2006, and his current age is sixteen.

Net Worth

Lauren has a total net worth of $10 Million. Her primary source of income comes as being a businesswoman and socialite. 

Lauren Partner Got Into An Accident

Simon faced a severe bike accident in August 2020

He was on his bike in Malibu, California, near his house when it all happened. 

He almost permanently damaged his spines. 

Although his spine was not broken, he had to undergo a painful surgery that went straight for 6 hours. 

He had to implant a metal rod on his back to get back to his form. Even though he was injured, it didn't take him long to get recover.

Did Lauren Cheated On Her Ex-husband Andrew Silverman?

Lauren was married to Andrew Silverman a long time back. They had a child together as well. Andrew and Simon were great friends. 

They went on many trips together along with Lauren

In 2013, Lauren and Andrew were still married when the affair between Lauren and Simon broke out. 

Lauren was pregnant with Simon's baby. People thought Lauren cheated on her husband. But it was not the actual thing. 

Andrew was also seeing a lot of girls and partying with them at that time. And Lauren was also having some talk with Simon. Her then-husband knew about her affair.

Hence both of them knew about each other and were okay. They were not attracted to each other anymore. Thus they got divorced.

Lauren Silverman Got Robbed

Lauren and his fiance Simon frequently visits their house in west London

They keep their many valuable jewelry and things in that home. There is also a guard to guard their house. 

But in December of 2015, the house got robbed when the guard went to the restroom. 

Thirty-three-year-old men entered the house and stole many things, including £ 500,000 worth of watches, diamonds, and other things. 

Lauren left the safe open mistakenly before leaving the house to take her flight. 

The couple was scared for their child Eric after the robbery occurred. The robber was arrested and imprisoned.

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