Adolphine Lukaku – Meet Proud Mother Of Romelu Lukaku

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Adolphine Lukaku – Meet Proud Mother Of Romelu Lukaku

Adolphine Lukaku is the proud mother of Romelu Lukaku. Romelu is a football player who plays as a striker. 

He currently plays for Serie A club Roma on a loan from Chelsea and the Belgium national team

Adolphine originally belonged to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her nationality is Congolese

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Adolphine Lukaku with her son Romelu Lukaku
Adolphine Lukaku with her son Romelu Lukaku. Source: Facebook

Married life 

Adolphine Lukaku has been happily married to her husband, Roger Lukaku. Roger is a former footballer who was capped at international level by Zaire

Roger is also Congolese like Adolphine. From their marital bliss, they became parents of two children. 

They gave birth to their first child, a son, on May 13, 1993, and named him Romelu Menama Lukaku Bolingoli

They then welcomed their second child, also a son, on July 29, 1994, and named him Jordan Zacharie Lukaku Menama Mokelenge. 

Both her sons are football players. Jordan plays for TFF First League team Adanaspor as a left-back. 

Throwback picture of Adolphine Lukaku sons Romelu Lukaku and Jordan Lukaku
Throwback picture of Adolphine Lukaku sons Romelu Lukaku and Jordan Lukaku. Source: Instagram

Suffered from financial problems

Adolphine comes from a very low-income family. During an interview, her son Romelu said his mother fought for her family in their hardest moments. 

He said his father stopped playing professionally when he was six and his mother was diagnosed with diabetes. They then went through a few hard years. 

He further revealed that Adolphine didn’t have any money so she went to work in restaurants and her sons would go with her after matches. 

No matter how much they worked, they had a hard time meeting even the basic needs of the family. 

Adolphine used to add water to the milk to feed her sons. Romelu also said that his parents didn’t eat dinner so Romelu and his brother could eat. 

Romelu wants to repay his parents for everything they did for him. He said he wants to do right by his mother for all she did for him. 

So every time he scores, he remembers his mother and makes the sign of an A which stands for Adolphine to dedicate the goals to his mother. 

He said he would not be who he is today without her. 

Demanded her son get revenge 

During the quarter-final of Coppa Italia, her son Romelu and Zlatan Ibrahimovic got into a nasty fight. 

Zlatan was accused of telling Romelu to go and do your voodoo s**, you little donkey and then dragged Romelu's mother, Adolphine, into the discussion saying go and call your mama. 

Romelu then told him you want to talk about my mum? Let's go inside. After hearing this Adolphine was furious. 

Both players got penalties for their actions, Zlatan received a red card and Romelu got suspended. 

Adolphine was not satisfied as it had deeply upset her. 

After the incident, she went to meet her son and told him to do whatever it took to win the match and get revenge on Zlatan

Influential in her son's decision 

In 2017, Romelu was about to sign a new contract with Everton

They had already reached an agreement with Romelu's agent, Mino Raiola, and were about to sign a 5-year contract for 130000 pounds a week. 

During the same time, Romelu was allowed to go home during Everton's trip to Dubai

After returning from home, Romelu had a change of heart. Everton then started blaming Adolphine for her son's refusal to sign a new contract at Goodison Park. 

Adolphine had always been influential in her son's career as he only signed the original contract with the club cause she wanted him to play for the club in 2014.

Adolphine Lukaku with her son Romelu Lukaku attending an event
Adolphine Lukaku with her son Romelu Lukaku attending an event. Source: Facebook

She was starstruck after meeting Messi

Adolphine seems to be a huge fan of Messi. She got a chance to meet him in the tunnel after Manchester United vs. Barcelona in April 2019

She asked her son who was there as she couldn’t believe Messi was in front of her. She then turned into a fan girl mode and asked for a picture with Messi

She then hugged him while giggling and muttering his name. 

Messi even though he was injured and was looked after by the medical staff, being the humble person he is, smiled while taking the picture. 

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