Who Is Adore Bryant? Daughter Of Gizelle Bryant

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Who Is Adore Bryant? Daughter Of Gizelle Bryant

Adore Bryant is the daughter of model TV personality and author Gizelle Bryant. She has a twin sister named Angel. She has an elder sister named Grace Bryant

Her father's name is Jamal Harrison Bryant

Adore Bryant with her twin sister, Angel.
Adore Bryant with her twin sister, Angel. Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Gizelle was married to Jamal Harrison Bryant. Her ex-husband is a megachurch pastor and activist

They got married in 2002 and parted their ways in 2009. They had three kids together. 

After their divorce, they are co-parenting their daughters. She is still on good terms with her ex-partner.

Parents of Adore Bryant.
Parents of Adore Bryant. Source: Instagram

Is Gizelle Dating Anyone?

Gizelle is dating Jason Cameron. They were spotted together at the premiere of Sumer House

Her boyfriend is a TV personality. Her friend and co-star, Ashely Darby, set them up. 

They met at BravoCon in 2022. Gizelle said that she is pleased with him and is taking things slow. 

Despite their vast age difference, they are still going strong. They are making their relationship casual, fun, and natural. 

Adore Bryant with her mom, Gizelle Bryant.
Adore Bryant with her mom, Gizelle Bryant. Source: Instagram


Adore was born in April 2006, and her current age is 17 years old.

Net Worth

Her mom Gizelle's net worth is estimated to be $4 million

Adore Bryant with her sisters.
Adore Bryant with her sisters. Source: Instagram

Gizelle Has Her Podcast Channel

Gizelle and Robyn Dixon started their podcast called Reasonably Shady during a pandemic. 

She said when they started the podcast, it was all about the dynamic and friendship they shared while talking to each other. 

She said their chemistry added magic to the podcast. She added people loved listening to them and joined them on their ride. 

Bryant Loves Halloween 

Bryant loves dressing up for Halloween

She has dressed up as a cat and policewoman, but her famous Halloween costume was when she dressed as Vanessa Williams

She nailed the look and almost looked like the real Vanessa

She said the resemblance was so on point that people asked if she was Vanessa Williams

She shared that Vanessa also commented that she nailed the look. 

This year, Gizelle plans to dress up as Blue Ivy as she wants to be Beyoncé's daughter. 

She said she has to work on her dance moves. 

Gizelle talked about Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8

Gizelle shared her thoughts about the return of the show. In the show, there is a sneak peek of her relationship with Jason

She said people want to put a label on their relationship, but she doesn’t care about what people think and say. 

She said she was happy that she was dating him and having fun. 

She said It was hard to see what her friend and co-star, Robyn Dixon, was going through. 

She said she wanted to be there for her as a friend and support her. 

She added there are a lot of changes in relationships in season 8

She shares Gordon Thornton as the one who filed for divorce, and Mia has moved on after the split. 

There is a new housewife in the show named Nneka Ihim. She said Nneka is doing great even though she didn’t get along with everyone. 

She said she liked her, like a breath of fresh air. 

She shared she met her when she was leaving for her home after doing some scenes.

She said she came to her and thanked her for being so lovely. 

Bryant Talked About Her Friendship With Robyn Dixon

Bryant and Robyn were friends before they appeared in Real Housewives of Potomac

She said that over the years, they have become better friends through the show. 

She said they understand each other. 

She said the show might be tough for them sometimes, and they are happy that they have got each other support. 

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