Who Is Adriana Guerendiain? Wife Of Cesar Azpilicueta

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Who Is Adriana Guerendiain? Wife Of Cesar Azpilicueta

Adriana Guerendiain is the wife of Spanish football player Cesar Azpilicueta who currently plays for team Chelsea

She has two children with her husband, Cesar. She was born to her parents, Juan and Christina Guerendiain.

Her birth place is Valencia, Spain. She is a Spanish citizen by her nationality. 

Adriana Guerendiain with her daughter.
Adriana Guerendiain with her daughter. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Cesar is currently married to Adriana. Their wedding took place in 2015

They dated many years before getting married.

Cesar and his wife exchanged their vows in Pamplona, his wife's hometown. 

Cesar has two children with his partner, and both are daughters. 

Adriana Guerendiain with her husband, Cesar Azpilicueta.
Adriana Guerendiain with her husband, Cesar Azpilicueta. Source: Facebook


Her husband, Cesar, is 32 years old. His height is 1.78 m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Cesar is estimated to be around $30 - $40 Million.

Adriana Guerendiain's husband, Cesar Azpilicueta.
Adriana Guerendiain's husband, Cesar Azpilicueta. Source: Instagram

Cesar Got Furious With His Fan

Cesar and his team lost a match against Arsenal. They had a really bad performance, and they even had a bad penalty. 

It was a frustrating game for Chelsea and Chelsea's fans. Most of the fans even left the stadium feeling hopeless. 

Cesar then saw a fan saying something to him. He was furious at the moment, so he had a conversation with that fan which was not in a good way. 

He was taking too furiously as he was frustrated. He didn’t feel right about his behavior afterward, but he knew it was just rage from his bad game. 

He later spotted the same fan in the game. And this time, he gave him his captain band and spoke nicely.

Cesar Wants To Create History

Cesar played in Championships League in 2012, where his team Chelsea reached the finals but didn’t win. 

It was a bad day for him and his team. But back then, he realized that winning the Champions League was not easy. 

After that, they had never reached the League’s finals; after almost ten years, his team reached the finals. 

Cesar wanted his team to be the first one to win the Champions League and make history for Chelsea

It was going to be difficult, and he knew it. But still, he believed that he and his team could win the title.

Cesar Hadn’t Imagine That He Would Be A Captain

Cesar arrived in Chelsea in 2012. Back then, he described that he just wanted to play and had no intention of becoming club captain. 

He was always an open player who used to love learning new things. 

He believed and still believes that a player is always learning, even on the last day of their career. 

He was always humble to people, and he always wanted to take the team as a whole to get a victory. 

He revealed that he shared the dressing room with many Chelsea legends with whom he learned a lot of new things. 

Not only that, but he discovered his personality and sharpened it more and more as the year passed. 

He was always there for the team as a player and supporter. 

It might be why he is now the Captain of the Chelsea team and is also an important player.

Family of Adriana Guerendiain.
Family of Adriana Guerendiain. Source: Instagram

Cesar Has A Great Attitude

Cesar is indeed a great player and a sportsman. But besides his matches, he is also a great guy outside the pitch. 

Cesar’s teammates revealed that he has the greatest attitude when he comes to training, dressing room or where ever they meet him. 

No one has seen anyone with that positive and inspiring attitude as Cesar. He is always humble and polite to everyone. 

His nature is so impressive that academy kids and older players are pleased and inspired by him. 

He is competitive in playing, but his dedication keeps him on top, according to his teammates.

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