Agnes N-Cs – Meet Stunning Wife Of Adam Nagy

by Pragya Tue Apr 23 2024 Updated On Tue Apr 23 2024
Agnes N-Cs – Meet Stunning Wife Of Adam Nagy

Agnes N-Cs is the wife of Hungarian professional footballer Adam Nagy

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Married to a professional player

Agnes is happily married to footballer Adam Nagy. The couple dated each other for a long time before tying the knot. 

Their first son was born before their marriage. They tied the knot in 2023 and had a great wedding ceremony. 

Agnes N-Cs and Adam Nagy on their wedding day
Agnes N-Cs and Adam Nagy on their wedding day. Source: Instagram 
Agnes N-Cs with her husband Adam Nagy and son
Agnes N-Cs with her husband Adam Nagy and son. Source: Instagram

As of now, she is pregnant with her second baby and waiting for baby no 2. She shared the happy news through her Instagram. 

Agnes N-Cs and Adam Nagy are expecting their second baby
Agnes N-Cs and Adam Nagy are expecting their second baby. Source: Instagram

About her husband, Agnes

Adam is a Hungarian professional footballer who currently plays for the football club Spezia as a loan player from Pisa in the position of midfielder. 

Also he plays in the Hungary National Team. He was born in the year 1995 and celebrates his birthday on June 17. He holds Hungarian citizenship. 

Age and Net Worth 

Agnes is 30 years old. Her net worth is unknown. 

Her husband, Adam, who is currently 28 years old, has a net worth of £4 Million. His source of income is football. 

Agnes is behind Adam's unique celebration?

Agnes's husband, Adam, has his own skills and way of celebrating his win, like many other football players. 

Adam does something with his hand to celebrate his every goal on the pitch. 

He was asked about the meaning of his celebration in an interview, and he said that it’s dedicated to his wife. 

His wife’s name is Agnes, and he tries to create the first letter of his wife’s name, which is A, from his fingers. 

He knows that it doesn’t exactly look like A, but he does try to make the letter A his way of celebrating his goals. 

Adam has no favorite team? 

Adam grew up playing and watching football. 

He developed his interest in football when he was very young, but in an interview, when Adam was asked about his favorite team, he gave a shocking answer. 

He revealed that he doesn’t have any favorite teams and never had before, too. But growing up, he did support Arsenal and liked that team very much. 

Also, he opened up about his favorite player and named Busquets as his favorite player. 

He plays from Barcelona, and he really loved seeing him play in the matches, so he is Adam's favorite player. 

Adam was excited to play for Bristol. 

Adam signed a contract with Bristol in 2019. After joining the team, he gave his first interview and shared his excitement. 

Bristol is one of the biggest football clubs, so being a part of such a team was a great opportunity for him. 

Also, he was eagerly looking forward to playing and having new teammates. 

He hadn’t been to training sessions but had heard so much about the stadium and ground that he couldn’t wait to play. 

Also he was very much surprised to see the facilities of his new club and was very excited to start his new journey with the club and hoped for his betterment. 

Before joining the team, he had also heard about the craziness of the fans over there, which made him more excited to live the experience of playing and winning in the big stadium surrounded by fans going crazy. 

Agnes doesn't let Adam play PlayStation in his off days

Adam gave an interview where he talked about what he does during his off days. 

He has been playing football for a long time, and as a player, he doesn’t get much off time, but when he does, he enjoys it by watching series and reading books. 

Also, when he was away from his wife and living alone, he played PlayStation. 

He revealed that his wife doesn’t let him play the station, so when he is away from his wife, he plays it. Also, he loves cooking for himself. 

While he was playing for Bristol, the club did provide them food but Adam would always cook dinner for himself. 

He loves traditional Hungarian foods, but as an athlete, it’s not healthy for him, so he cooks plain rice, chicken, and veggies, which are good for his health.

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