Who Is Agnes Wilson? Mother Of H.E.R.

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Who Is Agnes Wilson? Mother Of H.E.R.

Agnes Wilson is well known for being the mother of American singer Gabriella Wilson, also known as H.E.R.

Agnes was born in the Philippines to a musical family. She used to play piano and guitar and sing in the church choirs and bands. Later on, she pursued a career in nursing. 

She is a Kaiser Permanente Medical Center nurse in Vallejo, California, United States. 

Agnes Wilson and her daughter, H.E.R.
Agnes Wilson and her daughter, H.E.R. Source: Instagram

Who Is Agnes Married To?

Agnes is married to her husband, Kenny Wilson. The couples are married to each other since 1991.

The couple met each other in San Francisco. Her husband Kenny is also a musician and a former Navy officer. 

The musician has played with music bands Sly and the Family Stone and Kool & the Gang. Kenny is also a construction worker. 

Agnes Wilson with her husband and daughter.
Agnes Wilson with her husband and daughter. Source: Pinterest

About Her Children

Kenny and Agnes are parents of two children named Alex Wilson and Kelly Wilson.

Both children are following their parent’s legacy as they have been pursuing a music career. 

Gabriella is already a renowned singer, whereas her younger sister Alex also sings and writes songs. 

Alex was known to be born in 2009 and has been residing in California. She also played musical instruments such as piano, bass, drums, and guitar. 

About Agne’s Daughter Gabriella

Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson was born in Vallejo, California, on June 27, 1997. 

She is an R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, and guitarist. She can play different instruments like guitar, piano, bass and harp. 

The five times Grammy Awards winner albums are “Back of My Mind,” “H.E.R.,” and “I Used to Know Her.”

Agnes Wilson's daughter, H.E.R.
Agnes Wilson's daughter, H.E.R. Source: Instagram


Agnes's daughter Gabriella is 26 years old as of 2024.

Net Worth

Agnes's daughter Gabriella's net worth is under $3 million to $5 million. 

How Gabriella Wilson Got Her Name “H.E.R”

The full name behind “H.E.R.” is having everything revealed and shared by Gabriella in an interview. 

She shared that the name represents when she became a young woman and went through heartbreak and everything she calls evolution. 

She said she never would be that girl who falls for this guy who goes through this, and she ended up being ‘H.E.R.’ 

She added that being that girl was the best way to release her music. She didn’t keep her face, didn’t keep her name on her music; she just gave it the way it is as a pure message. 

Gabriella Getting Introduce To Music

Gabriella shared in an interview that her father was a musician, and she is also half Filipino and loves karaoke. 

She added she has always been around music her entire life, and she gravitated towards musical instruments they were in her house as her father used to rehearse with his band, which was easy for her to get available.

Acknowledging The Point Of Becoming ‘H.E.R’

Gabriella shared in a podcast interview that it was the beginning of ‘H.E.R’ when she started to feel that we should be comfortable being vulnerable, which she had lost for a second.

She thought it was the expectations of people around her, and she felt she was near to success and had to maintain that and protect herself. 

She also said you must do what you did before, but it was better this time. 

She explained that she was also in a confused situation where she was often questioned in her head about how to move because she used to feel like you couldn’t do that. 

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