Who Is Aine Coutinho? Wife Of Phillipe Coutinho

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Who Is Aine Coutinho? Wife Of Phillipe Coutinho

Aine Coutinho is the wife of Brazilian player Phillipe Coutinho. She was born on 1993 A.D

Her father and mother are Jose Airton and Ines Maria, respectively. Her nationality is Portuguese.

Aine Coutinho's husband, Phillipe Coutinho.
Aine Coutinho's husband, Phillipe Coutinho. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Aine is married to her husband Philippe Coutinho, a famous football player from Brazil. 

Their wedding occurred on December 13, 2012.

Aine and Phillipe were in their early teens when they met each other. 

In 2007 they met each other at a mutual friend's party. From those days, they have known each other.

Aine was in every part of Phillipe's career. They were like neighbors, so it was easy to catch up for them. 

This situation made their relationship very strong. Phillipe had to go to Italy for a football match, and so did his parents.

Aine also went along with Phillipe's parents. Aine was part of Phillipe's every trip. 

She never used to leave him alone on his journey.

Aine Coutinho and Phillipe Coutinho.
Aine Coutinho and Phillipe Coutinho. Source: Instagram

They had their first child, a cute baby girl named Maria Coutinho.

They have two more children a son, Jose Coutinho, and a daughter, Esmeralda Coutinho.

Family of Aine Coutinho.
Family of Aine Coutinho. Source: Instgaram

Phillipe and Aine's relations are very much public. They share every detail about them through their social media. 

They even play games together, like asking tricky questions about each other. 

These kinds of habits have made their bond very strong.


Aine's current age is 29 years old.

Net Worth

Aine's net worth is currently unavailable, but her husband Philipe's net worth is about $63 Million.

Phillipe Had Leg Fractured

Phillipe is a famous Brazilian football player. He has made many contributions to Brazil and clubs like Bayern Munich, F.C. Barcelona, etc., through his skills. 

Phillipe once had a big injury while having a match against F.C. Barcelona.

His left leg got fractured, and he couldn't walk properly. 

He thought that his career would end, but he wasn't alone there at that time. His family took care of him, and he had a lot of time to spend with his family. 

His family always cheered him and supported him during his bad times.

He started different therapies and surgery for the leg. 

Even his family was shocked at how strong he was. 

At first, it was very hard for him during these long months. He never took a rest and instead started to do exercise for his quick recovery. 

After his last surgery, he again went on the field to start the training. 

He even started playing matches. Currently, he is well fit and fine, and he has thanks to everyone who wished for him. 

About Her Husband

Coutinho was on Barcelona before signing for Bayern Munich. He was given no.10 in Bayern.

He had a good bond with Neymar Jr too who is the captain of Brazil's national football team.

Coutinho has been fond of football since his childhood. 

Today he is 27 years old and is listed as the world's best player. 

His dedication to football is much appreciated. 

He doesn't give up easily, whereas he's one of the younger players on the national team Brazil. 

Even in the 2018 World Cup, he played for it. He had very nice goals and assisted the team. 

In the whole football community, Phillipe is known as the "Little Magician."

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