Who Is Aja Narie? Stunning Girlfriend Of Hakim Ziyech

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Who Is Aja Narie? Stunning Girlfriend Of Hakim Ziyech

Aja Narie is the girlfriend of professional football player Hakim Ziyech. She was born on April 9, 1996, in Waukegan, IL, U.S. 

Stunning Aja Narie.
Stunning Aja Narie. Source: Instagram

Relationship Between Aja And Hakim 

Aja and Hakim are not yet married to each other. Hakim was not Aja’s first boyfriend. 

She was in a relationship with Philadelphia Rapper.

Children of Aja And Hakim

Aja has two children from different men. Aja gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 18

The daughter was given birth from her past relationship. She was named Harper Marie. Harper was born on April 14, 2014

Aja has given birth to a son named Enzo from her relationship with Hakim. He was born in 2021. 

Aja Narie with her daughter.
Aja Narie with her daughter. Source: Instagram

The Professional Life Of Aja

Aja is an Instagram model with current followers of 52.1K. She is also involved on YouTube, where she shares daily life activities and tips for using cosmetic products and outfits as a blogger. 

She has 53K subscribers on YouTube. 

Age And Net Worth

The age of Aja is 26 years old. The net worth of Aja is under review. 

Instead, her boyfriend Hakim Ziyech's net worth is $7 million

He was paid up to $43 million for signing a five-year contract with Premier League club Chelsea

He is paid a salary of $5.8 million per year as a player for Chelsea.

Introduction of Hakim 

Hakim was born on March 19, 1993, in Dronten, Netherlands.

He is a professional football player who has been playing for the Premier League club Chelsea since 2020 and for the Morocco national team since 2015

He is an attacking midfielder and winger by position. He is well known by the nickname “The Wizard” after his debut at his former club Ajax. 

Aja Narie's boyfriend, Hakim Ziyech.
Aja Narie's boyfriend, Hakim Ziyech. Source: Instagram

How Did Hakim Start His Football Career?

When Hakim was a kid, his brother and his brother’s friend were fighting with each other for fun. 

Hakim felt that they were serious about their fights because they started to travel on the grounds. 

He got thought that there was something wrong, so to protect his brother, he kicked his brother’s friend with his left foot. 

From that moment, everyone in his family told him that they were going to give him a ball which let to start his football career. 

Heroes Of Hakim

In an interview, Hakim disclosed about his heroes when he was a kid. 

He used to love the games of Zidane and Ronaldinho. But after getting older, he was also a great fan of Cristiano Ronaldo

He said that he hadn’t met his childhood heroes yet, but if he had a chance to meet either Ronaldinho or Zidane, he would prefer Ronaldinho

Reason To Choose Morocco Against The Netherlands

Hakim played his under-20 and under-21 football career in the Netherlands, but after then, he chose Morocco as his national team

He said his mother and brothers told him to think wisely about it, so he chose Morocco national team

The Personal Score Is Not Important For Hakim

Hakim said that neither assisting matters nor scoring matters for him. 

He wanted to say that scoring personally for him doesn’t also matter. Even giving assists and taking assists don’t matters. 

The most important thing in the match is letting the ball in rather than who scored it, said Hakim. He has more assists than a goal.

Is Hakim Going To FIFA World Cup 2022 In Qatar?

Yes, Hakim is going to Qatar for FIFA World Cup as a player of the Morocco National Team. He would be serving the team as a forward player.

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