Alastair Wallace Stewart

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Alastair Wallace Stewart

Alastair Wallace Stewart is the youngest son of English rock and pop singer, songwriter, and record producer Rod Stewart. 

His mother's name is Penny Lancaster. He has a brother named Aiden Patrick

He was born in 2005 and is currently sixteen years old. He is English by his nationality. 

Alastair Wallace Stewart parents
Alastair Wallace Stewart parents  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Rod Stewart 

Rod was previously married to Alana Stewart. They married back in 1979. 

They have two children together, a daughter and a son. 

They were married for five years, and after that, they ended their relationship in 1984

After ending his first marriage, Rod dated Kelly Emberg, a model with whom he has a daughter. 

They dated for seven years.

Rod got married to Rachel Hunter in 1990. They have two children together. Their marriage lasted for sixteen years, that is till 2006.

He then married for the third time with Penny Lancaster Stewart. They married in the year 2007. They have two sons together. 

As of 2021, they are still together, happily enjoying their fourteen years long married life.

Family of Alastair Wallace Stewart
Family of Alastair Wallace Stewart   Source: Instagram 

About Rod Stewart 

Rod is an English rock and pop singer, songwriter, and record producer born on 10 January 1945

His full name is Roderick David Stewart

He was raised by his parents, Elsie Rebecca and Robert Joseph Stewart, in North London. 

He started his music career when he was too young. He released his first-ever album in 1969

He is one of the greatest singers of all time. He is well known for his album Never a Dull Moment

He is a very talented singer, and he has also won many awards for his amazing music

Alastair Wallace Stewart with his father and brother
Alastair Wallace Stewart with his father and brother  Source: Instagram  

Talked About Prostate Cancer

Rod gave an interview with the Loose Women where he talked about giving up on football, cancer, and more. 

At the very start of the interview, Rod opened up that it was his voice rest day on that day, and he should have been given rest to his voice, but he decided to join the interview. 

He talked about the benefits of resting voice. He sarcastically said that he could kiss in his voice off day. 

Rob talked about him doing five shows in a week and said that voice rest had helped him a lot in those days. 

The interviewer then asked Rod about his albums, and Rob revealed that he never thought his new album would be such a hit and it ranked in the top 10 charts. 

He performed that song with Robbie Williams, and Rob felt Robbie was a sweet human being. Robbie became his best mate, and he has also sung in Robbie's new album. 

Rob then shared that he stopped playing football. As he gets older, his knees don't support him to play football. 

He said that he needs a full knee replacement, and he is planning to get it done on his birthday. Although his knees are backing, he still gets out and does the filming. 

One interviewer said to Rod that knee replacement is painful, but Rod replied that he is fully prepared for that pain. 

Rod opened up about his suffering from prostate cancer. He revealed that men hate getting themselves checkups. 

He talked about the incident with his dad's friend and said that he hated visiting the dentist, and that's why he had no reason when he died. 

Rob said that no symptoms are seen during prostate cancer, making it more dangerous. 

He wants men to be open and asks men to go for a timely checkup so they can protect themselves from prostate cancer.

Rod’s Favorite Audience 

Rod gave an interview to Trend Friend where he talked about his music performances, his wife, and many more. 

Rod was in Ireland and there he performed after many years. He is a great singer and has a huge fan following. The Irish people enjoyed his performance and the interviewer herself also enjoyed it a lot. 

Rod knows what to give to the audience and that is classical music. He told that he would love to hear the songs from Otis Redding and Sam Cook which made them famous if they were alive. 

Rod has written many songs but he doesn’t prefer hearing his songs while driving or roaming. The only time when he listens to his songs is when he is working on them. 

He had to do so many things that he had to hear his songs for six months straight while working on them. 

After that, the interviewer asked Rod about the Irish audience. As Rod has to travel to different places of the world and has performed in front of different audiences, the interviewer wanted to know about Rod’s audience preferences. 

That was a difficult question to Rob, but he honestly gave the answer by saying that he has 4 city audiences which he feels the best and it is Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, and London Matt

Among them, Dublin and Belfast audiences have something special which attracts him, so for him, these two cities have the best audience. 

The audience of those places is very loud and that’s what he likes and wants when he is performing on the stage. 

He then talked about his wife whenever his wife goes out he watches football at his home. But when his wife tells him she is going out that means she is going to London

His wife out means that she will dress up nicely, do make-up more, dance hard, and fully enjoy.

Rod Almost Gave Up Writing Songs

Rod gave an interview to Loose Women where he talked about his writing, fatherhood, and wife. 

Rod was accompanied by his wife Penny in that interview and the very first question that was asked to him was about writing a song. He was asked if he had ever given up on writing songs. 

Rod didn't want to answer that question so he brought up other things but his wife Penny comforted him and told him to be honest. 

Rod revealed that there was a time when he stopped writing songs and it was because one of the record executives told him that his songs were not good. 

He went to the record producer expecting to hear good words and gain confidence in writing songs but Rod had to face the exact opposite situation and it hurt his ego however he got back to writing songs in a short time. 

That was the time when he fell in love with railway modeling and it became his passion. He made his own railway-model attic at his home. 

His wife Penny opened up that when Rod was working on his railway model he used to disappear for hours because Rod spent his time working on the train layout and he loved doing that. 

Rod also talked about making a documentary on his railway model. Rod's current wife Penny has been very supportive of him and before meeting Penny, he had no intention of getting married again. 

He had already been divorced twice so he didn't want to get married again but after he met Penny everything changed. He could not resist Penny's charm. 

Rod also shared his experience on fatherhood. He is a father of 8 children and his children have huge age differences. His eldest is in the 60s whereas his youngest child is just 12 years old

Because of the difference in the age gap he has to treat each of his children in a different way and it has been challenging for him.

Age, Height, And Weight

Alastair was born on 27 November 2005, and his current age is 16 years

He is five feet and six inches tall.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Rod is $300 Million

His source of income comes from being a pop singer, songwriter, and record producer

The average earning of the singer is $48,455

Alastair Wallace Stewart Tackled His Father

Alastair is a young boy who loves to play football. 

He plays for the Celtic FC academy as a junior player, and besides pitch, he also plays with his father, Rod Stewart, who is running the club Celtic FC

Alastair once tackled his father, Rod, during a play. That tackle made Rod injured. 

He had an ankle injury for which he had to get an operation. He hopes to be fine as soon as possible and stand straight and run. 

He can still kick the ball but sometimes needs crutches to walk.

Rod Went Through An Accident

In 2014, Rod was driving into an event he had to attend. He had to walk through a red carpet, and it was a big one. 

He was on his way, driving to the event, when suddenly he got into a car accident

A car was moving on the wrong way and came to crash head-on with Rod's car. 

It was a direct hit. Fortunately, Rod came out of the accident unharmed. 

He broke his finger, but no serious damage occurred. He later joined the event by painting his finger with silver color. 

Although he got into a car accident, it was not the main gossip of the event. He kept his hand on Penny.

People thought she was pregnant with Rod's child, but she was insecure about her dress, and Rod was motivating her

Rod's Worst Performance

Rod is a brilliant singer and songwriter. His songs are appreciated all over the world. 

In the same way, he had a performance in Graham North Show. There he performed his new single from his album. 

But that time, his performance and group didn't make the audience happy. 

The audience criticized him and disgraced his performance. People said it was the worst performance and show they had ever seen. 

Rod didn't seem to care about it, but the audience was disappointed with his performance.

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