Who Is Alex Aniston? Controversial Brother Of Jennifer Aniston

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Who Is Alex Aniston? Controversial Brother Of Jennifer Aniston

Alex Aniston is the half-brother of Jennifer Aniston, who is a famous actress.

He is not into show business now but used to do acting before. He is a free spirit and lives in a van.

He earns his living by selling animal skulls. He is interested in taxidermy.

Is Alex married?

Alex is not married yet, but he has two daughters from his previous partner Adriane Hallek

His children live with his ex-girlfriend. As of now, he is dating an Australian veterinary technician Kiri Peita.

Jennifer was married twice

Jennifer was married to actor Brad Pitt in 2000. They were married for five years. 

They started dating each other back in 1998. But the couple separated after Brad fell for Angelina Jolie.

After her divorce, she moved on with Vince Vaughn. They dated for only a year. 

She was linked to many handsome men until she met Justin Theroux. They two started seeing each other in 2011.

After four years, they exchanged their wedding vows. But her marriage lasted for two and a half years only. 

They decided to part ways mutually and continued to be friends with one another. 


Alex is 33 years old. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall. 

Net worth

His net worth is estimated to be $10 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his acting and by selling skulls of animals.

Jennifer shared how she dealt with the ending of Friends

Alex Aniston half-sister Jennifer Aniston with her Friends co-star
Alex Aniston half-sister Jennifer Aniston with her Friends co-star. Source: Instagram

Jennifer played the character of Racheal Green in the iconic TV show Friends. The show aired from 1994 to 2004. 

Jennifer shared how she dealt with the ending of such a classic show. 

She said that after the show ended, she had to go through a divorce and therapy. She did a movie called The Breakup. 

She said she wanted to start a completely new chapter in her life. So she moved on, and it worked out great for her. 

Jennifer talked about joining Instagram

Jennifer joined Instagram back in 2019. She broke the world record for the huge amount of followers she got after joining Instagram.

She said she was very reluctant to join Instagram. 

She was into such things before, but eventually, she got into it and didn't know why she joined it. 

She said she was just trying to build content. She posted the reunion photos with the Friends co-star, which was her first post ever. 

She admitted that she had a fake Instagram where she used to stalk people. 

Why doesn’t Jennifer have any kids?

Jennifer has been addressing why she never planned for a baby. 

When she got divorced, she was accused of choosing a career over children. 

She said she loves children and would love to have them one day. 

Over her career, she was constantly followed by the same question. 

In 2018 she said that there is pressure on women to be mothers; if they don't have kids, then they are damaged good in society. 

She said that her choice not to have kids doesn’t mean she has failed the part of her feminism

When she was married to Justin Theroux, the media was obsessed with finding out whether she was getting pregnant or not. 

She quoted that women are not considered successful if they are not married or have children. 

Anniston said that getting married and having children by a certain age is a fairy tale for her. She was breaking the ice in society. 

She admitted that she was not naturally built for motherhood and said the thought of becoming a parent is frightening for her. 

She has a dog which she treats as her child. 

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