Who Is Alex Barker? Stepmother Of Ruby Barker

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Alex Barker is the stepmother of British actress Ruby Barker. Alex married Ruby's mother after her mom divorced her dad, and that's how Ruby and Alex related to each other. 

Ruby's biological mom is lesbian.

About Alex's Stepdaughter Ruby 

Ruby is an actress who is well known for her portrayal of Marina in the Netflix drama series Bridgerton

Ruby was born in Islington. Her biological mom and dad were from Ireland and Montserrat

Her biological parents left her and her sister in foster care. She was then adopted by a family along with her sister when she was a child. 

Alex Barker's stepdaughter, Ruby Barker.
Alex Barker's stepdaughter, Ruby Barker. Source: Instagram

Who Is Ruby Dating?

Ruby is not married. As of now, she is not dating anyone. 

Ruby does have a special friend named Josh Armitage, whom she considers her best friend. 

They have a good relationship with each other. They share many pictures of them on social media. 

Ruby Barker with her best friend.
Ruby Barker with her best friend. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Ruby is 26 years old. Ruby has a net worth of $1 Million.

Ruby Grew Under Alex’s Influence

Ruby initially didn’t have any parents, and she and her sister Harriet were left in a foster home. But luckily for them, they were adopted by the same parents. 

But their adoptive parents also broke up, so Ruby started living with her mother and stepmother, Alex

Alex and her mother greatly influenced her life; they were always around Ruby.

But her mother was one of the main influences in her life as she taught Ruby to be an independent lady. 

She was a feisty lady, according to Ruby. Because her mother was such a motivating lady, Ruby turned out to be just like her, kind, generous, strong, and independent.

Ruby Will Never Get Over It

Ruby announced through her Instagram on 11 January 12, 2023, that her father had passed away. 

She expressed that her father was the most precious person Ruby had in her life, who was her happiness. 

She revealed that she was heartbroken after her father’s death and expressed that she would never overcome the death of her father. 

She also wrote that without her father, this world was empty for her. 

Posting the childhood picture of her alongside her dad, she wrote that she had always made him proud of her work and success and promised to work the same way to make him more prouder. 

Although the actress kept the real reason for the death private, she did thank the hospital that her father was kept under before he died.

Ruby Barker's late father.
Ruby Barker's late father. Source: Instagram

Ruby Is Fond Of Creativity

Ruby is already on the creative job of acting and doing quite well in her career. 

But it is not the only thing that she is limited upon. She is more creative than she shows. 

She is fond of staying active each day. With all the outdoor stuff like rock climbing and hanging out on beaches, she is also very fond of paintings. 

She is seen painting some abstract paintings in her free time. She is not just a professional in dancing and acting but is also very active in taking photographs. 

She might not be a professional model, but her photographs are no less than any model on her Instagram.

Ruby Almost Ended Up In Sex Education

Ruby revealed that she was about to go for the casting of the series Sex Education when she was informed that she was permanently cast for the role in the series Bridgerton

She couldn’t miss working in the series as she had no idea what her future in acting would look if she denied the offer.

She had no idea how it was going to be for her in the series. The series made her name and fame in the acting industry, and she became famous overnight. 

But she said she had no expectations and was doing the work because she loved to work and act. 

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