Who Is Alex Dimitriades Parents And Partner?

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Who Is Alex Dimitriades Parents And Partner?

Alex Dimitriades is a professional actor and DJ. He is well known for his role play as Nick Polides in the movie The Heartbreak Kid.

He currently works as a DJ at The Start Sydney. He was born in 1973 and has his birthday on December 28. He is an Australian citizen by nationality. 

Alex Dimitriades and his award.
Alex Dimitriades and his award. Source: Facebook

Parents and siblings

Alex was born in Sydney, Australia, to first-generation Greek immigrant parents. His mother, Betty Dimitriades, worked as a legal secretary.

His parents met in Australia. His parents divorced when he was only 12. He was raised along with his siblings by his single mother in Earlwood, Sydney

In an interview, Alex talked about his adorable memory with his mother. 

He said he was five years old and gave a compliment to his mother about how she looked. 

She was awestruck by such an innocent and sweet comment by her child. 

He said that he will remember how his mother reacted to his compliment and will cherish it forever. 

He also added that his mother was always beautiful and stylish. She was his god. 

He lost his only parent, his mother, to an illness in 2009. He said his mother was truly his hero. 

He also revealed that his mother always gave him advice, but he didn't take much on board. 

He also said that mother was his biggest supporter even though she and his father might have not wanted him to became an actor.

Alex is blessed with his two siblings, brother George and sister Melinda.

Alex revealed in an interview that he and his siblings have only a year gap between them which is why they are fairly close with each other. 

Alex said that he looked up to his older brother and sister.

 When his siblings entered their teen years, he wanted to grow up a lot faster and be a teen like them. 

He also said that his sister was always protective of him and was influential to him. He followed everything she did from her style to her way of being.

Is Alex Married?

Alex is not married yet. He was in a relationship with Terry Biviano for eight years. 

Sadly, they ended up breaking up. After that, he briefly dated Natalie Cantel and Shauna Mack

He also had a short relationship with Anji Lake and Nikita Sernak. 

Alex, in an interview in 2017, said that he has been in a lot of long-term relationships, and he really liked them until he couldn't stand being in them anymore. 

He also said he has gone through long periods of single life, too.

He appreciates that he got a chance to share a deep love with a girlfriend but says it is also nice to rediscover yourself when you are alone. 

He also said that he has matured but would prefer not to give his ex-girlfriends airtime. 

While being asked about his opinion on marriage, he said that he has no rules when it comes to marriage and the way one should or shouldn't live their life. 

It is important for him to stay open and live in the moment. 

He shared that he would like to marry if he found the right woman and wished to be a father. 

He said it would come to him when it does, as he believes in magic and certain things that are beyond manifestation. 

He also talked about his first kiss and said that his first kiss happened in primary school. 

Age And Net Worth 

Alex is 50 years old. He has a net worth of $1.5 Million. His sources of income are acting and music. 

Alex Painted The Tree 

Alex opened up about one of his naughty stories that he did when he was a kid. 

He and his cousin, his best friend, were very close. 

Not only them but their families were also too close. They went on picnics together and used to have lots of fun. 

He and his cousin were close and did many unnecessary things together; one was painting a tree. 

Alex used to sleep at his cousin’s place on weekends, so they both decided to paint the tree one weekend. 

They found a big tin of paint in the garage, went outside, and painted the whole tree. 

After completing their painting, both were very happy, but when his cousin’s dad came and saw that, he got furious. 

The dad started beating his cousin, and Alex also got slapped.

Alex Was Scared To Film Heartbreak High

Alex got his big hit when he was very young. He was in the final year of school when he learned about the movie-making of Heartbreak Kid, and they were looking for a fresh face. 

He took the shot, gave the audition, and got part in the movie. The movie was released in 1993, and being a part of such a great movie improved his career. 

He started getting fan followings and received letters from his fans. It was a surreal moment, and after the movie, he was offered the part in the series Heartbreak High, a spinoff series of Heartbreak Kid. 

It was a callous decision for him as he was scared to mess up as the movie was successful. 

However, he was young and needed more exposure, so he took the risk and took the part.

Alex, On Dealing With Fame 

Alex starred in the movie Heartbreak Kid when he was just a teenager. A vast audience loved the film, and as it was hit, it took no time for Alex to gain fame in the 90s.

He was young and new in the industry, so dealing with the fame wasn’t easy. 

Luckily, Alex has a very adaptable nature, and because of that, it took him significantly less time to get familiar with the fame.

When he started getting popular, he had no idea what was happening and what he should do, but he thought of giving it a go, and in less time, he blended in with the fame. 

He adapted the famous life even though it was hard. 

Alex Is Into Music

Alex is not only a great actor but also a great DJ. After taking his acting career to a high level, he also started making his music career. 

He has been working as a DJ at the Start Sydney for a few years and is known as DJ Boogie Monster.

Alex fell in love with music while living with his grandmother when he was ten.

Music and acting are the two things he has loved since childhood, and he always made sure to keep his effort in both things. 

As a DJ, Alex helped the Japanese restaurant with the soundtrack and beats. 

Despite being so famous as an actor and DJ, Alex has managed to keep himself very grounded. He is very down to earth and loves living his life as an average person.

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