Who Is Alex Ramsey? Father Of Bella Ramsey

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Alex Ramsey is the father of the English actress Bella Ramsey. He is a businessman. He has two children with his wife. 

He is an English citizen by his nationality. 

About Alex's Daughter Bella 

Bella is an actress who is well known for her appearance in the fantasy television series Games of Thrones. She played the role of Lyanna Mormont in that series.

Bella wanted to be an actress since she was four years old and has worked in many shows. 

Recently Bella has played in the series The Last of Us as Ellie

She was born in Nottingham, England

Her full name is Isabella May Ramsey, and she has a sister. 

Alex Ramsey's daughter Bella Ramsey.
Alex Ramsey's daughter Bella Ramsey. Source: Instagram

Who Is Bella Dating?

Bella is currently single and focused on her acting career. There has been news of Bella dating an older man. 

She was rumored to be dating her co-star, Pedro Pascal.

They both co-starred in the series The Last of Us. As they bonded well on set, the rumors about their dating started to spread. 

They have a considerable age gap, and their dating news is only a rumor. 

Bella Was Nervous About Meeting Pedro? 

Bella and Pedro co-starred in Last of Us where she played the character of Ellie and Pedro played Joe

Their onscreen chemistry won everyone's heart and they have great bonding with each other off-screen too. 

Although they are quite good now things were different as Bella herself revealed that her relationship with Pedro Pascal was so much different than it is now. 

On the very first day when she met Pedro, she was nervous and shy and the same thing was with Pedro too. 

She knew that she had to work with Pedro for the whole season which might take a year or even more she got more nervous. 

She wanted to be friends with him and was trying her best not to be annoying to her. However slowly they worked on everything. 

Bella and Pedro both kept their expectations of each other aside and started getting along. 

They started getting more comfortable with each other which changed the whole scenario of their relationship and became good buddies. 

Bella revealed that she always gets a safe vibe when she is around Pedro. Even at the time when she was nervous with him, she felt safe around him. 

She related her and Pedro's relationship with their onscreen character Joe and Ellie. It did take time for them to get along but when they did everything got much better. 

Pedro and Bella have huge age differences and because of that Pedro tries to teach Bella about the 90s but she is not a good learner. 

Pedro suggested her to watch old movies and shows and she does but eventually forgets.

Age And Net Worth 

His daughter Bella is 19 years old. She has a net worth of $5 Million.

Alex Was Proud Of Bella

Bella revealed that she was never too passionate about acting or wanted a career in acting. 

But one day, she went to a television workshop where she learned that she was passionate about acting. So, she started to audition in many places. 

She faced a lot of rejection, but her father, Alex, her mother, and her family were with her every moment. 

Fortunately, she got a lead role in Game of Thrones as the character of Mildred Hubble.

This news was revealed through a call in front of her family, so everyone was pleased. 

Her family was screaming and crying tears of joy, according to her. 

Her parents were also really proud of her as she was going to make her name big through her role in the world-famous series, Game of Thrones.

Bella Learned Curse Word

Coming from a British country, Bella had a purely British accent.

She never came to America or experienced the American surroundings until she was fixed to be featured in an American movie, The Last Of Us

She had the character of an American girl, so she had to learn to speak English with an American accent. 

So, she was introduced to a tutor. The first letter that she learned was olive oil. The second letter that she knew was the curse word f*ck off. 

She revealed that her character in the movie uses that word for maximum time. 

So, she learned many curse words in the American accent. She expressed that it was fun learning them.

Bella Was Told That She Would Die

Bella did a brilliant job in the series Game Of Thrones, although she was not in the series till the end. 

She was just a kid of 11 years old when she joined the series. So, she was unknown of her script. 

She revealed that her mother was the one who was always excited about her script, and her mother used to read all of her scripts. 

In the season where Bella's character died, she didn't know that her character was ending as no one informed her. 

But her mother read the script earlier and knew she would die in the series. 

Hence, she said to Bella that she was going to die. Bella was initially confused but later realized she was talking about the series. 

She revealed that she didn't find it heartbreaking or wrong as she had all the fun in the time on set. 

She revealed that the Game of Thrones journey was memorable for her.

Bella As A Voice Actor

Bella is a young talented actress who started her acting career at a young age. 

She has appeared in many series, and her acting talent and performance made her famous. 

Everyone loves her character in Games of Thrones, but most people are unaware that she is a voice actor too.

Bella gave her voice in the 2018 video game Doctor Who. Not only that, but she also shared her voice with the character Hilda in the animated series Hilda

Her voice brought life to the character as she was so good at it. Her voice acting also made her win the Best Voice performance award and the BAFTA award for Best Children's Animation.

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