Who Is Alex Stodden? Father Of Courtney Stodden

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Who Is Alex Stodden? Father Of Courtney Stodden

Alex Stodden is the father of media personality, model, and singer Courtney Stodden. He was married to Krista Keller

They were married for 20 years, and they shared three daughters. They got divorced when Courtney turned 18. 

Alex Stodden's ex-wife and their daughter.
Alex Stodden's ex-wife and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Is Courtney Married?

Courtney was married to American actor Doug Hutchison. He was 34 years older than her. 

She was just 16 when she got married. They were the most controversial married couple because of their age difference. 

However, her parents gave her consent, and it was legal to get married at that age in her state. 

They met each other on the internet, and they got clicked instantly. Doug was married twice before he tied the knot to Courtney

They got separated in 2013, but later they reconciled. They do not have kids together. In 2017 they put an end to their relationship. 

Courtney said that the considerable age gap and her miscarriage were the reasons behind their broken marriage. Their divorce was finalized in 2020

Courtney Stodden with her ex-husband, Doug Hutchison.
Courtney Stodden with her ex-husband, Doug Hutchison. Source: People

Courtney Called Off Her Engagement

Courtney was engaged to Chris Sheng in 2021. Her fiancé was a filmmaker. 

She called off her engagement after seven months. She is single now and is not seeing anyone.


His daughter Courtney is 28 years old

Net Worth

His daughter Courtney's net worth is estimated to be $500 thousand

Alex Stodden with her daughter, Courtney Stodden.
Alex Stodden with her daughter, Courtney Stodden. Source: People

Courtney Talked About Her Marriage With Ex-Husband Doug Hutchinson

In an interview, Courtney said her marriage to Dough was conservatorship. 

She said she could not sign any legal papers or put her name on documents. She was not allowed to leave the house all by herself. 

She used to have him by her side all the time. She said she was examined constantly by him all the time and was not able to feel free during her marriage. 

She revealed she was not allowed to buy things from the store without his permission and didn’t even have a credit card. 

She said she was young then and didn't understand that she was being controlled and restricted. 

She thought it was her safe place and she should not leave that place at any cost. 

Courtney Talked About Life After Her Divorce

Courtney and Doug got divorced in 2020 after being married for nine years. She shared that she was scared to be all by herself at first. 

She said she could live as an average person and freely without restrictions. 

She revealed she started her journey by getting her driver's license. She said she was able to love her adult life. 

She shared she learned to write her checkbook a few months back. She also handles her finances. 

She said she is doing things that she should have done way back. She was happy that she had the right to do something she liked to do. 

She added she had learned a lot of things in a short period and had become mature. 

She said she wanted to return to school and study real estate. She added she was happy to be in the position that she deserved. 

Stodden Talks About Her Singing Career

Stodden said she has always loved singing and loved working with creative people. 

She shared she was happy to continue her singing career and see her music evolve. She also released her single Boy Destroy in 2022

She said she wanted to reflect on herself through her music. She wanted to show people her power through her music. 

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