Alexandra Robertson- Tragedy Of Robbie Robertson

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Alexandra Robertson is the daughter of guitarist and musician Jaime Royal Robertson, professionally known as Robbie Robertson

She has two siblings, Sebastian Robertson, and Delphine Robertson. Her mother is Dominique Bourgeois, who was a Canadian journalist

Her parents got married in 1968, but they parted ways.

Alexandra Robertson's sister and mother.
Alexandra Robertson's sister and mother. Source: Pinterest

Did Robbie Marry Again?

Robbie's first wife was Dominique Bourgeois

He met Janet Zuccarini in 2018, and they started dating from then. 

His second wife is a restauranteur who is the CEO of the Gusto 54 restaurant group. They got engaged in 2022 and tied the knot in 2023.

Robbie Robertson with his wife.
Robbie Robertson with his wife. Source: Pinterest

Death Of Her Father

Her father, Robbie, passed away at the age of 80.

Robbie's manager confirmed the death of Robbie through his Instagram post. Robbie died on Wednesday at his house due to a prolonged illness. 

His manager shared that he was surrounded by people who loved him during his final moments. 

He added that his wife, ex-wife, kids, and grandchildren were there to bid the musician a final goodbye.

Alexandra Robertson's late father and brother.
Alexandra Robertson's late father and brother. Source: Facebook


Her father, Robbie, was 80 years old at the time of his death. 

Net Worth

Her father, Robbie, net worth was estimated to be $50 million

Robbie Talked About His Friendship With Levon Helm

Robbie and Levon were in the same band called The Band in the 1970s

Robbie was a guitarist and songwriter for the band, where Levon was the drummer and one of the lead vocalists. 

Robbie has always mentioned that Levon was like a brother to him. Robbie didn’t have any siblings, so Levon became his brother. 

He revealed Helm was the closest person he ever had in his life. He said they had an extraordinary relationship, professionally and personally. 

He shared because of their bonding; they were able to create magic through music. 

Robertson Opened Up About His Feud With Levon Helm

Robertson and Helm had some disputes after their 1976 concert, The Last Waltz

Their falling out is considered one of the most protracted feuds in the music industry. Robbie said things didn’t go wrong for him. 

He shared that being in the band for ten years, Levon had to endure some tough times. 

He said Helm was struggling with health problems and was struggling financially. 

He added he was sad that he had to go through all that, and he couldn’t fix that. 

He said Helm got so angry at that situation that he turned all that anger and hate to him. He mentioned he was surprised by his behavior. 

He added they had no fights or quarrels about anything when they were together for so many years. 

He said a decade later, Helm came and said he was not treated well by him. 

He added that he understood him as he was well aware of his nature of not accepting responsibilities. 

He said he blamed him for all of his problems. Helm wrote about him in his book, and he was very rough towards him. 

He revealed that he had a conversation with him on the phone where he said that he did not write the book and that all the things mentioned in the book about him were bullshit. 

He confronted about certain things written in his book, but he found his answers dishonest and didn’t respond. 

He cleared that there was never a feud between them. 

He said when he knew that Levon was dying, he dropped everything behind and went to see him at the hospital. 

He mentioned he wanted to spend time with him before he passed away. 

He sat by his side and recalled all the fantastic memories they shared. He said he had a great connection with him. 

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