Who Is Alexis Burke? Wife Of Adeel Akhtar

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Who Is Alexis Burke? Wife Of Adeel Akhtar

Alexis Burke is the wife of Adeel Akhtar, a British actor. She is a director.

Marriage And Children

Alexis got married to Adeel in 2017. They dated for several years before taking a wedding vows.

Their relationship is playful and deeply connected. Adeel is known for his entrance and talkative nature, while Alexis is kind and playful.

Her understanding of the creative process and being a director adds a special element to their connection. 

They create a good and creative environment for each other. And they are supportive of each other's careers. 

They have two children. They have a son named Arlo, born in August 2016. They welcomed their second son, Ezra Ojai, in 2018.

Alexis Burke and her husband, Adeel Akhtar.
Alexis Burke and her husband, Adeel Akhtar. Source: Instagram


Alexis's husband, Adeel, was born on September 18, 1980. He is 43 years old as of 2024.

Net Worth

As a British actor, Alexis's husband Adeel's net worth is about $5 million.

Adeel Reflecting On His Remarkable Acting Journey

In 2010, Adeel faced tough times living in a van and contemplating moving back with his parents despite his success in the film Four Lions

When Adeel turned 30 and went through a difficult breakup, he faced challenges finding acting jobs. 

He recorded auditions in his van and occasionally didn’t give his best effort. 

However, in recent times, his career has dramatically improved. He succeeded by winning the Best Actor Award at the British Independent Film Awards for his role in Ali & Ava.

Adeel is recognized for playing characters that are often overlooked and highlighting the importance of everyday life in his performances. 

Adeel’s unique look and appreciation for life's small things have made him stand out. 

He is well known in popular movies and TV shows, earning praise for his acting and breaking down barriers in the industry.

People recognize him for his performances and his impact on the A-list entertainment world.

Adeel often talked about race using his own experiences of subtle racism. 

He thinks it is essential to show differences on screen but then shift the focus to what people have in common with his characters.  

While he sees improvements for British Asian actors in the industry, he supports taking on diverse roles without ignoring one’s cultural identity. 

Alexis Burke's husband and children.
Alexis Burke's husband and children.  Source: Instagram

Adeel Talked About The Surprising Success Of Ali & Ava

Adeel talked about the surprising success of the low-budget film Ali & Ava. 

Despite the film's modest beginnings, he expressed his amazement at being nominated for an award. 

He discussed the joy of working in New Zealand and shared an exciting story about a spontaneous dance scene in a car that wasn’t scripted but became a memorable part of the film. 

Adeel was thinking about the change from the calm and slow filming process to the detailed and subtle finished product.

Adeel praised director Clio Barnard for her attentiveness and ability to incorporate real experiences and conversations into the film’s script. 

He highlighted the collaborative nature of filmmaking, valuing how it provides creativity and freedom for both actors and the crew.

Adeel's Love For Music

Adeel shared an example of a ukulele scene from a shared interest between him and Barnard

Adeel finds excitement in taking challenging roles that scare him, seeing them as opportunities for personal growth. 

Adeel shared his love for music and how he rediscovered playing the guitar after a break from other instruments. 

He appreciates the raw and pure connection that comes with learning new instruments. 

When asked about the most crucial lesson in his career, Adeel values embracing one’s unique abilities and contribution no matter how intimidating it may seem. 

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