Who Is Alfie Oldman? Son Of Lesley Manville

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Who Is Alfie Oldman? Son Of Lesley Manville

Alfie Oldman is the son of Lesley Manville, an English actress. Alfie's father is Gary Oldman, an actor and filmmaker. 

Alfie is a British film and television photography assistant. His father and mother are famous actors and actresses. 

Lesley's Successful Career After Divorce With Gary Oldman

Lesley credits her successful career to the breakup of her marriage with actor Gary Oldman when their son Alfie was just three months old.

She thought she'd be married to Gary for a long time and have a big family, but they divorced in 1990

She said that if they had stayed together, she wouldn't have the successful career she has today. 

The divorce was tough, but she decided not to fall apart. She wanted to continue working and be a great mother. 

This determination made her very disciplined about her work. She also talked about her late sister, Brenda, who had a challenging life. 

Despite her hardships, she always celebrated Lesley’s life and her son Alfie. Lesley shared these experiences on the radio show Desert Island Disc

Parents of Alfie Oldman.
Parents of Alfie Oldman. Source: Pinterest

Lesley Is Happily Single With Herself

Lesley is best known for her role in a show named Citadel

The show is action-packed and violent, but Manville herself dislikes violence and avoids watching it. 

She questions why violence, especially against women, has become so common in mainstream media despite the progress in promoting women’s rights and respect through movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp

Lesley has had a successful career in her 60s

She is very organized and doesn’t like clutter in her life, which is why she prefers being single and not dating. 

She jokes that she might date an accountant because finding someone who meets her high standards is challenging. 

Lesley has a keen sense of empathy and can easily understand when someone is going through a tough time. 

She believes this comes from a lifetime of observing human emotions. 

She grew up in a loving and supportive family in Brighton, England, with a glamorous mother and father who drove a taxi. She had a happy childhood. 

She has two sisters, one of whom is Brenda, who had a difficult life dealing with tragedy. 

Brenda’s husband unknowingly passed on a genetic disease to their children. 


Alfie was born in 1988 in London. He is  35 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

Lesley's net worth is about $4 million.

Alfie Oldman with his mom, Lesley Manville.
Alfie Oldman with his mom, Lesley Manville. Source: Pinterest

Lesley Talks About The Crown Show Based On A Real Royal Family

Lesley talked about the excitement of the return of The Crown.

It is about the dramatic events of the 1990s for the royal family. 

She wants to remind people that the show is not a documentary but a drama based on actual events. 

She plays Princess Margaret this season, and her character is going through a quieter phase in life. 

Margaret feels lonely, but she is committed to her royal duties. 

Lesley also mentioned her friendship with co-star Dame Judi Dench and how their natural connection helped them portray the close relationship between the two sisters on the show.

Lesley also talked about her meeting with Prince William

When asked who she was most excited to meet in the royal family, she said Prince William

She said William is lovely and well-behaved with his royal duties. 

And also, Prince William said he was excited to watch Lesley's new show on TV. 

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