Alice Zenobia Richmond- Gorgeous Daughter Of Tina Fey Daughter Dating

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Alice Zenobia Richmond- Gorgeous Daughter Of Tina Fey Daughter Dating

Alice Zenobia Richmond is the daughter of American actress, comedian, writer, producer, and playwright Tina Fey

Her father's name is Jeff Richmond. She has a sister named Penelope Athena

Alice herself is a child artist. She is an American citizen. 

Alice Zenobia Richmond parents Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond
Alice Zenobia Richmond parents Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Tina Fey 

Tina is currently in a relationship with Jeff Richmond. He is a pianist. 

They met each other for the first time in Second City, where Tina participated. 

They started dating each other in 1994. After dating for seven years, they decided to get married.

In 2001, Tina and Jeff finally tied the knot with each other. 

Five years after their marriage, Tina gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Alice Zenobia

Tina and Jeff are the parents of two beautiful daughters. Their second daughter's name is Penelope

Tina Fey with her husband Jeff Richmond
Tina Fey with her husband Jeff Richmond Source: Instagram 

About Tina Fey 

Tina is an American actress, comedian, writer, producer, and playwright born on May 18, 1970

Her full name is Elizabeth Stamatina Fey. She was born and raised by her parents in Pennsylvania, US

Tina is well known for her appearance in Saturday Night Live's comedy series. 

She is an amazing comedian. She has also shown her appearance in movies. 

She is very famous for her roles in movies like Mean Girls, Wine Country, and Baby Mama.

Alice Zenobia Richmond with her mother Tina Fey
Alice Zenobia Richmond with her mother Tina Fey

Tina Named A Car

Tina Fey gave an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

In the interview, she talked about buying a car and how she helped a man from dying. 

Tina and the interviewer, Jimmy, are good friends, and they started talking about what they did during quarantine. 

Jimmy then showed a picture that he received from Tina during the pandemic. In that picture, a lady with a car asked who she was. 

Tina told the lady in that picture was herself, and the car that she was standing in right was the new car that she bought herself. 

She opened up that she had bought her first-ever car in quarantine, and she was so happy about that. 

She said that she is the one who likes traveling on the bus and has never bought a car. 

She has a license, but she never used it. The thought of purchasing a car came to her head during quarantine as, at that time, subways were not available, and she felt that she needed a car that she could travel to wherever she liked. 

The car that she bought is fundamental, and she said that she had named it Karen. Her family members find it very senseless that she called a car Karen

She then said that she went with her family somewhere outside the city where they had rented a house. 

On the first morning, when she enjoyed her morning coffee, she heard someone calling for help.

When she heard that, she was confused about whether she heard help or just a bird. 

So, to confirm that she called her older daughter. After that, she called a cop for help, and later, she knew that a person was floating to the north of Hudson, and cops found him. 

She saved a man's life, which was a great thing. To learn more about the interview, check the link.

Got Into An Accident With The First Car 

Tina gave an interview on the Jimmy Fallon Show, where she talked about her accident, her birthday, and many more. 

It was Tina's birthday three days ago when she was in the interview with Jimmy. Jimmy wished her, and it was Tina's 51st birthday. 

She said that 18 months, six years, and 51 are the cutest age, and she was happy being 51

Tina then opened up about her birthday celebration in her office. And very few people were invited for the cake cutting, and that birthday celebration felt like a fighting club to her. 

Sometimes back, she talked about buying a new car in Jimmy's show, and it was her first car. In this second interview with Jimmy, Tina said she got into a car accident with her new car. 

Her car's name is Karen, and she had never driven a car before, so it was her first accident with her first car. 

Tina got into that accident because of her car's GPS. She said she had to cross four lanes, but she crossed only three and hit the car. 

Her car has some technology as it beeps when it gets into a blind spot, and before she hits the car, it beeps a lot. 

Luckily, nothing happened to anyone in the accident; everyone was fine, and nothing happened to her car. 

She said that she received help from a man named Igor, and she is happy that she and her car Karen have a great time together.

The interviewer then recalled Tina sharing her story of saving a man's life, and he said that it was his favorite story that he had heard from Tina

Tina then said that her daughters are now grown up and are now teenagers. 

She wanted to talk about her daughters in the interview, but her daughter has prohibited her from talking about them in interviews with her friends and told them not to show their pictures to anyone. 

Did Tina Call Jimmy A Terrible Person?

Tina gave an interview on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show. Tina talked about her new Netflix show in that interview, but she and Jimmy had some personal issues. 

As soon as Tina walked into the interview, she called Jimmy a terrible person, and Jimmy was confused about why she said that. 

At the beginning of the interview, Jimmy showed a book titled "The Legends of Greemulx." Kimmy Schmidt wrote that book with the help of Sarah Mlynowshi

Tina has already read the book and spoiled it by saying what the story was about. 

Then she said that the money gained by selling that book would be donated to an organization named Child Abuse America, so she asked people to get the book and read it.

After that, Jimmy asked Tina about Ariana Grande's new song Thank You, Next.

Tina opened up that when Ariana's song was about to drop, his 13-year-old son texted him, saying that Ariana's music was about to get settled after 3 minutes

She was shocked because her child was using their phone at school and was informed about Ariana's song. 

Ariana played Mean Girl in that song, and Tina saw her video and she loved it. 

After all this conversation, Tina opened up about her new Netflix show, Wine Country, directed by Amy Poehler

She explained that working with Amy was like a nightmare to her, and she enjoyed working a lot in those movies. 

That whole movie was based on Wine Country. Amy and some of the co-stars went on a trip to Wine Country, but sadly, Tina missed it because she was busy with her work.

That trip gave Amy the idea to make a movie on it, and she wanted everyone to watch it. 

After that, a clip from her film was played, and she was discussing it with Jimmy at that time. 

Tina told Jimmy that she was smiling and behaving properly because it was a professional matter, and she had to do it because she was there to promote her movie. 

They were having personal arguments but looking at Tina. It was clear that Tina was mad at Jimmy over something.

Being The First Female Writer

Back in 2004, Tina gave an interview to TheEllenShow, where she talked about writing, parody, and her show Mean Girls.

At the beginning of the interview, Ellen apologized to Tina for not recognizing her at the Emmy event. 

Tina said that during the Emmy award, she was wearing a fancy dress without her glasses and had lots of makeup on her. 

She went to Ellen and said that she enjoyed her show, but Ellen didn’t recognize her. 

But after a few moments, Ellen remembered her and came back to her to talk. 

Tina is well known for his acting and comedy skills, but not many people are aware of the fact that Tina is the first female head writer of the Saturday Night Live show.

Tina opened up that she co-wrote with the head writer named Dennis, and people bring out that thing as a huge thing. 

But she personally never felt that was a big kind of deal. She then talked about her favorite commercial parody. 

She never got a chance to work in many commercials, but she did one commercial parody called Mom Jeans, and she enjoyed doing so it kind of was her favorite. 

Tina did so many parodies of people and celebrities, but she never got along with the celebrities personally for her parody.

One time, she wrote a parody of Barbara Walter, and Barbara Walter tracked her down and sent her a letter saying Thank You and mentioned not to do any other parody of her. 

She also wrote a parody of Sharon Stone on her sketch, which pissed Sharon.

Sharon got really furious, but luckily, Sharon didn’t know it was Tina behind it, so she kind of got lucky with that. 

Tina also talked about the Mean Girls movie that she wrote and said that she got the idea for the movie from the book she read, Queen Bee Wannabe.


Alice was born on September 10, 2005, and her current age is 16.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Tina is $75 Million. She works as an actress, comedian, writer, producer, and playwright. 

Alice's Mother Got Into A Car Accident

In an interview on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon in 2021, Tina revealed that she had a car accident. 

She bought a new car in the same year, and she had never driven a car before. 

She was learning how to drive a car, and when she felt confident enough, she decided to drive a car herself alone. 

She followed the GPS while driving. 

While watching GPS, she ended up hitting a car with families inside. 

It was not a major accident, and both the car and people were all okay. 

The car owner was also pretty nice, according to Tina. He wasn't angry, and everything turned out well.

Tina Fey Shoots From Her Right Side

Tina is often seen showing her right profile in a maximum of her scenes. 

Camera angles are often seen to take her shot from the right side. 

It has a reason behind it, and the reason is her scar. She has a thin scar on her left face. 

She often hides it through makeup, but it was her childhood scar. 

A stranger attacked her in her childhood. She doesn't have a clear memory of it and says it all happened outside her house. 

But her husband said something she had never revealed. 

He said that the stranger marked her face with a pen, and she got that scar when she was just five

She and her husband didn't say if it was the truth, but it was surely a scar from her childhood that she hid in her movies and series. 

Tina Fey Loved Music But Was Not Good At It

Before going to drama school, Tina joined a musical theater. 

She loved music, and hence, she memorized all the songs and performances of the theater. 

She invested her time in music, but she proved to be not good at that field. 

She performed songs in the theater, but when asked about it, she said that her musical journey was not as satisfactory as she wanted. 

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