Who is Alison Fauci? Daughter Of Dr. Anthony Fauci

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Who is Alison Fauci? Daughter Of Dr. Anthony Fauci

Alison Fauci is known because of her father, Dr. Anthony Fauci. He is an American psychologist, scientist, and immunologist. 

He was the chief medical advisor to the president.

Alison is also an intelligent brain like her father. She completed her education at Stanford University.

She completed her four years at Stanford by winning titles every year. 

She was also named PAC-12 scholar-athlete of the year in her senior year. 

And she also helped Stanford to win its first PAC-12 championship. And also she was the captain in her senior year.

Alison Relationship

Alison is very private about her personal life. She has not revealed her boyfriend in public, but it is sure that she is in a relationship. 

When Anthony was asked how the coronavirus has impacted his family, he said that his youngest daughter's boyfriend's brother died because of it, which was devastating and saddening for them.

So we can confirm that Alison is dating someone but there is no information about who he is.

About Her Parents

Alison’s father is Anthony Fauci, and her mother is Cristine Grady.

They got married in 1985. Both of them are doctors. 

Anthony is a psychologist and medical advisor, while Christine is HIV/AIDS expert. Their love story is a kind of medical rom-com.

The pair met in a hospital in Brazil. After their short meeting, Anthony fell for Cristine

After that, Anthony invited Cristine for dinner; Anthony said it was love at first sight for him. 

And he finds Cristine intelligent, beautiful, and well-mannered. 

And immediately, he thought he had to go out with her. And still, now, they are a powerful medical couple with three talented daughters.

Parents of Alison Fauci.
Parents of Alison Fauci. Source: Twitter

Alison Siblings

Alison has two older sisters. She is the youngest one in the family. Her older sister is Jennifer Fauci.

She followed in her parent's footsteps and joined the medical world. 

She graduated from Harvard University with a major in social studies. And she did her master's degree in development and child psychology from Columbia University

And her middle sister is Megan Elizabeth Fauci. Like her older sister, she didn't follow the medical field. 

She did an undergraduate degree from John Hopkins University in medical, but she later pursued teaching as a career. 

Like her two sisters, Alison also has an intelligent brain and is now a computer engineer at Twitter.

Family of Alison Fauci.
Family of Alison Fauci. Source: Pinterest

Mask doesn’t help to prevent COVID-19? 

Back in 2020, the whole got shutdown and many people died because of deadly virus Corona. People were forced to stay in their house and mask up every time even after the situation got little easy. After 3 years living with mask and the WHO finally kept and end to Corona threat. However now after three and half years the virus seems to be developing again as 2 weeks ago there was news of increase of hospitalization of people due to Corona. The number of patient I creased by the 19% and if it goes on increasing in such rate things might get out of control. However many people in the US have now started to raise voice on they won’t be putting mask again nor they will shut down anything. There has been several fact reports that mask is not effective on stoppingthe virus and Dr. Anthony himself has agreed to the reports. But he did claimed the fact that mask does protect an individual and if people care about the them and their family then they will surely have no problem with wearing masks. He also talked about the shutting down of school which effected mental development of school and admitted this time there should be more focus on creating safe and appropriate environment in the school instead of shutting down. He also in sighted his thoughts on initial shutdown because of pandemic and he sees nothing wrong about that. The outbreak was too deadly and the hospitals were filled with infected people and dead people so the government did what they had to do. 


Alison was born in April 1992. She is 30 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth 

Being a computer engineer, her net worth is about $5 Million. while her famous dad, Anthony's net worth is about $14 Million.

Works As A Computer Engineering On Twitter

When Alison graduated from Stanford, she immediately got accepted at Twitter for a job. 

She is working as a computer engineer on Twitter and developing ad formats for Twitter for the Android app

Not only does she work at Twitter she also does volunteering in her free time. 

And also she worked in different types of organizations. For example, as an athlete, Alison works in an organization that leads free workouts for adults.

Alison's Father, Anthony, Missed His Own Daughter's Wedding 

When the pandemic was going on, Anthony and his wife were busy on those days treating the coronavirus. 

After treating people and working in a hospital environment, Anthony caught covid and tested positive. 

That's why Anthony could not attend his daughter's wedding. It must have been saddening to them. 

Alison’s Grandparents Were Also On The Medical Field

Alison's grandparents were also in the medical field. Alison's grandfather, Stephen graduated from Columbia University and later became a pharmacist. 

They got married at high school, and they had a pharmacy in Brooklyn.

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