Alison Martin

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Alison Martin

Alison Martin is the mother of English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Chris Martin

Alison is married to Anthony John Martin. Alison, herself, is a music teacher from Rhodesia by her profession. 

She has five children with John. She is an English citizen. 

Alison's son Chris
Alison's son Chris  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status of Chris Martin 

Chris was previously in a relationship with Lily Sobhani, a live event producer. They both dated for a short time and ended their relationship. 

After that, he started dating Gwyneth Paltrow, an actress. In 2003 they tied the knot. The couple also has a daughter together named Apple

Chris and Gwyneth stayed as wife and husband for a decade and later ended their relationship. 

After ending his first marriage, Chris dated Annabelle Walls. Their love affairs continued for two years, and after that, they broke up. 

In the same year after breaking up, Annabelle Chris dated Dakota Johnson

They have kept their relationship private for some time, but later, they opened up publicly. 

They are still together and happy in their relationship.

Chris with his children
Chris with his children   Source: Instagram

About Chris Martin 

Chris's full name is Christopher Anthony John Martin, is an English singer, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist born on 2 March 1977

He is well known for being the main vocalist of Coldplay

He was raised by his parents in Exeter, Devon, in England, with his four siblings. 

He and his whole band dragged public attention after releasing the song Yellow back in 2000


Chris is 44 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Chris is €125 Million. He earns as being a singer, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist.

Alison Martin's Son Was Accused Of Disrespecting The National Flag

Alison's son Chris is a frontman of popular band Coldplay. He performs all over the world. 

He once had a concert in India in 2016. There he had a great performance, and the concert went well. 

But one of the politicians of India accused him of disrespecting the Indian flag. 

He kept the flag on his pant's back pocket during the concert, which was seen in one of the videos. 

Politician asked the singer to apologize for his mistakes.

But he holded the flag in his pocket to show the flag in the National Anthem of India at the end of the show and he had no intention to hurt the sentiments of Indian.

Chris Martin Involved In An Accident

Chris is a brilliant singer and songwriter

In 2019, he and his girlfriend Dakota Johnson were in the black SUV car and returning from Jimmy Fallon's studio, Rockefeller Plaza

They were on their way when their driver stopped their SUV due to red light signal. 

Suddenly, people started banging the SUV's door, and window and the driver then realized that the car was above a woman's foot. 

The woman was with her son and boyfriend. Chris and Dakota, along with the driver, stayed at the scene until the ambulance arrived there. 

The women was badly hurt. She was rushed to the nearest hospital.

Chris Martin Was Scared To Be Gay

When Chris was in his teenage days. He was not a tough-looking or tough behaving guy at that time. 

He had a funny walk in his school days. Hence he was always made fun of in his class. 

He was questioned and bullied for his sexuality. He was thought to be gay in school and even Chris thought that he was gay. 

After some time, he started questioning his sexuality and thought that being gay was wrong. 

But one night, he thought of it very deeply and realized that he was not gay, and even if he was gay it wasn't wrong.

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