Who Is Alissa Ann Linnemann? Stunning Wife Of Matt Walsh

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Who Is Alissa Ann Linnemann? Stunning Wife Of Matt Walsh

Alissa Ann Linnemann is the wife of Matt Walsh, an American political commentator.

Family of Alissa Ann Linnemann.
Family of Alissa Ann Linnemann. Source: Facebook

Matt Proposed Alissa Ann In A Creative Way 

Matt and Alissa Ann Linnemann got married in 2011, and they recently celebrated over a decade together. They first met when Matt was a radio DJ. 

Alissa works in the medical field, specializing in gastroenterology, and she has her clinic in Nashville

There have been rumors that Alissa is Indian, but it is not confirmed. Matt was a radio host but now works as a political analyst. 

His wife Alissa has always supported him even when he’s been controversial. 

Matt and Alissa met through a dating app and started as friends, but they fell in love. 

Matt proposed creatively by hiding the engagement ring in a seashell during a beach walk, but Alissa figured it out before the surprise.  

They appreciate each other. Matt enjoyed how well Alissa understands him and has supported his goals through their relationship. Alissa is also lucky to have a spouse like Matt.

They are proud parents of six kids. They have two sets of twins. 

Matt values her support and understanding more than he has experienced in past relationships. 

Alissa Ann Linnemann with her husband, Matt Walsh.
Alissa Ann Linnemann with her husband, Matt Walsh. Source: Pinterest

Matt Is Taking A Pause From DWTS Until Writers Strike Ends

Matt is known for his role in Veep. He was set to join the Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) cast. 

However, he decided to withdraw from the show due to the ongoing strike by the Writers Guild of America, a union to which he belongs. 

Matt believed the strike did not cover the show, but the WGA clarified that it was indeed affected. 

Matt chose to leave his rehearsals. 

While Dancing With The Stars operated under a different union agreement, SAG-AFTRA’s Network Code allows its celebrities to participate without violating strike rules. 

Some people have criticized celebrities like Matt Walsh for their involvement during the strike. 

Consequently, there is a possibility that the show’s premiere date may be postponed. 

The strike, which has been ongoing for an extended period, continues as negotiations between the Writers Guild and media companies persist. 


Alissa Ann might be in her late 30s

Net worth

Her husband Matt's net worth is about 7 Million Dollars.

Matt's Tweet Created A Drama Involving Elon Musk

There is a documentary called What Is A Woman?, hosted by Matt and directed by Justin Folk

They planned to promote it on Twitter, but Twitter initially said it violated their rules. 

Then Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, stepped in and changed Twitter’s decision and promoted the documentary himself. 

This caused a big argument on Twitter. Some people were happy with Elon Musk's support, while others said he was promoting right-wing ideas. 

The discussion got heated, with some people calling others names. 

People also debated whether the concerns of transgender individuals were more important than those of cisgender women in certain situations.  

Some users questioned why a person who uses masculine pronouns discussed what it means to be a woman. 

Others responded with jokes and memes. 

There were even arguments about whether people should be allowed to do whatever makes them happy as long as it does not harm others. 

Some said there is such a thing as objective morality. 

Ultimately, Elon Musk's actions led some advertisers like Ben & Jerry’s to leave Twitter

It‘s unclear if Twitter’s new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, will be able to bring the advertiser back. 

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