Who Is Alix Earle Parents And Boyfriend?

by Pragya Thu Nov 16 2023 Updated On Mon Dec 04 2023
Who Is Alix Earle Parents And Boyfriend?

Alix Earle is a social media personality and TikTok star. She is well known for her Get Ready With Me TikTok videos. 

She was born to her parents' mom, Alisa Earle, and dad, Thomas TJ Earle, in 2000

She has her birthday on December 16. She has four siblings. She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Alix Earle with her mother.
Alix Earle with her mother. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Alix is not married yet. There is a rumor that Alix is dating Braxton Berrios

The rumor started after Braxlon and Alix were spotted meeting each other many times, so people assumed that Braxlon was her current boyfriend. 

Alix Earle with her boyfriend.
Alix Earle with her boyfriend. Source: Instagram

However, none of them has talked about their dating matters, so it’s unknown whether they are in a relationship. 

Going through Instagram, there are several photos of them being cozy. So, it's clear that they are dating.

However, according to Alix, she is not currently looking for a serious relationship and is just living her life and enjoying the dating process. 

She had been in an open relationship, and her breakup also went public, so it was hard for her. 

People were talking about her breakup, and things went quite wild. 

Before the Braxlon rumor, Alix dated Tyler Wade. The couple was together for only three months in 2022 and then broke up. 

Age and Net Worth

Alix is 22 years old. She has a net worth of $6 Million. Her source of income is content creation.

Stunning of Alix Earle.
Stunning of Alix Earle. Source: Instagram

Alix’s First Anxiety Attack Experience

Alix shared about her first panic attack and anxiety attack experience in her podcast. 

She opened up that she started getting anxiety when she was 13 years old, and to this date, she is living with it. 

When she was 13, she went to the salon with her stepmom. 

Her stepmom was getting her hair done, so Alix also wanted to change her hair as she went to high school. 

She was excited and went to the salon. In the,e salon, the hairdresser kept foil on her hair as she thought to go off, ongoing. 

It was a long process, so she got exhausted and started feeling hungry. 

After that, she fainted, and when she opened her eyes, she heard voices of people calling out her name. 

At that time, she didn’t care much about the things that happened to her and thought she fainted because she was hungry. 

It took her time to realize that what happened to her was an anxiety attack. 

Alix Got Boob Job

A year ago, Alix went through breast implantation surgery. 

She has been very open about her life on the internet, and because of that, she shared her whole boob implants journey on social media. 

Alix always wanted to be open and honest about everything that she shared with other people. 

She went from A cup to D cup, which was huge, and unlike another influencer, she didn’t want to lie to other people that she grew up with it. 

It was her personal choice, and since she was a little girl, she grew up watching people lying about the things they didn’t have naturally, making her insecure. 

She was not satisfied with her boobs, so she also tried medicines to grow them, which didn’t work, and then a year ago, she got breast implanted. 

Alix Doesn’t Care About Negativity

Alix has been doing TikTok content for a long time now. 

People enjoy watching her GRWM video and have millions of followers and viewers. 

Alix personally loves interacting with her fans, so she reads the comments that she gets on her posts. 

In the interview with Howard Stern, she said she loves reading the comments and taking feedback from them to improve herself. 

However, she also gets bad comments along with all the good comments. But that comment doesn’t affect her at all. 

She doesn’t care about the wrong things people say because it doesn’t matter to her.

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