Who Is Allegra Riggio ? Wife Of Jared Harris

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Who Is Allegra Riggio ? Wife Of Jared Harris

Allegra Riggio is the wife of English actor Jared Harris. Allegra herself is a TV and Radio personality. 

She was born in New York. She has her birthday in June. She is an American citizen. 

Parents Of Allegra Riggio
Parents Of Allegra Riggio Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Jared

Jared has been married three times. At first, he was married to Jacqueline Goldenberg. 

They tied their knot back in 1989, and after three years, they ended their wedding. 

He was then wed to Emilia Fox, but sadly they divorced after four years. 

As of 2022, Jared is in a happy relationship with Allegra. They dated back in 2009 after meeting each other at a comedy club. 

They tied their knot in 2013. Allegra has no children with her husband, Jared

Allegra Riggio with her husband Jared Harris
Allegra Riggio with her husband Jared Harris Source: Instagram


Her husband, Jared, is 60 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jared is $8 Million. His source of income is an actor.

Allegra Riggio's  husband Jared Harris
Allegra Riggio's  husband, Jared Harris Source: Instagram

Acting Made Jared And His Father Close 

In an interview, Jared talked about his bonding with his dad Richard Harris. 

He said that when he told his dad about him being interested in being an actor, he was not happy and didn't support him at all. 

While he was performing a play at Jake Universities, his mom told him to go and talk with his dad, but he was not comfortable doing that. 

After that, his father came to watch his play performance and the movie he created while he was about to graduate. 

While he was playing the character, his father laughed, and he saw his dad enjoying his acting. 

From that time, his dad and his connection got stronger as his dad started sharing about plays performance and many things. 

Embarrassed In Front Of Friends 

Jared interviewed Seth Meyer's show, where he talked about him going for an audition. 

He opened up that he went for an audition in Mel Gibson's movie Hamlet.

He said that he met two of his friends from his drama school when he was there for the screen test. 

He talked about the scene that he had to do during the screen test. 

He said that his two friends were there for the screen test of one of the movie's best parts while Jared was there to give his screen test on the movie part, which had no lines. 

He said that his friends got cast, but he didn't. It was an embarrassing thing that happened In front of his friend. 

Can't Live Without Sunscreen 

In the QNA with Larry King, Jared talked about his guilty pleasure. 

When Larry asked Jared about his guilty pleasure, he replied, Survivor

He was then asked about his weirdest fan that he met, and for that, he said that he was once bunny-eared by his one fan. 

He said that he doesn't mind his fans doing that, but when some fans hit his wife with an elbow so that they can have a selfie with him, that makes him feel uncomfortable and annoying about the fans. 

The interviewer then asked him about the three things he would bring if he got trapped on a deserted island. 

He replied that he would bring a Shakespeare book, electricity and sunscreen. 

He said that he could not miss sunscreen because he gets sunburn easily. 

Searched For Crossword

Jared opened up about his recent searches on google, and it was known that he searched for the crossword on google.

He opened up that he was stumped and didn't know the answers, so he thought of cheating, and that's why he searched on google about the crossword to help himself. 

He said that he started doing the crossword while in the movie Hamlet.

He said that he had to wait for a very long time while role-playing in that movie, and as his role was, at last, he started doing crosswords since then. 

He said that he was recently doing The New York Times and said it was confusing. 


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