Who Is Allen Bonet? Father Of Lisa Bonet

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Allen Bonet is the late father of American actress Lisa Bonet. He was professionally an opera singer. He was married to Deborah Church

They together had seven children. Lisa is his child from their first marriage. He was African-American by his nationality.

Allen Bonet's daughter and granddaughter
Allen Bonet's daughter and granddaughter  Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Allen was married to Deborah Church. They were together until their death. 

It is unknown when they got married, but their marriage life was beautiful. 

They together had seven children who were half-siblings of actress Lisa. It was not the first marriage of Allen

Allen was first married to a music teacher named Arlene Joyce Litman. They met each other because of their work and fell in love. 

They got married in 1967. They together had a daughter Lisa. Their marriage didn't last long, and they got separated.

Allen Bonet's first wife Arlene Joyce Litman and daughter Lisa Bonet
Allen Bonet's first wife Arlene Joyce Litman and daughter Lisa Bonet Source: Pinterest

Past Relationships Of Allen 

Allen had never revealed about his past relationships and affairs. He gained recognition widely after his daughter Lisa was famous. 

Hence most of his things about him are private. His known relationship was with Arlene before his second marriage. 

More About Allen 

Allen was born on 13 February 1935. He was raised by his parents, George Bonet and Jennifer Abbey, in Dallas, Texas, United States

He was a professional and well-established Opera singer

He had a hand full of original songs available on YouTube as well. He also had performed on stage many times in his life. 

He was a well-liked and praised opera singer. He died on 9 November 2018 in Los Angeles due to a heart attack.


He was 83 years old at the time of his death.

Net Worth 

Allen's total net worth is still under review. He earned his income as being a Opera singer. 

The average income of an Opera singer in America is $200000 annually.

Allen's Daughter Doesn't Allow A TV In Her House

Allen's daughter Lisa is a very popular celebrity and one of the biggest star. 

Her works are always being shown on TV channels, and her parents and children would be proud to see them. 

But in reality, she and her family don't own a TV. It is not that she cannot afford it, but the actress hates TV. 

She thinks that most of the time, TV channels show negative news or negative things, which are not suitable for family and not suitable to learn. 

She doesn't want media into her house and doesn't want her family to see or hear it. She is against owning a TV.

Allen Bonet's daughter Lisa Bonet
Allen Bonet's daughter Lisa Bonet Source: Instgram 

Lisa Had An Accident

In 2011, Lisa was driving her Audi car in Burbank, CA, with her two children, who were 4 and 5 years then. 

Her car was suddenly hit by a Toyota Camry car. She felt a shock in her head, neck, and back. 

Moreover, both of her children were injured and hurt. They were immediately taken into hospital and were treated medically. 

There was no severe injury, but as a mother, she was very angry with the other car's driver. 

She filed a case against the driver for his reckless driving and hurting her and her children.

Lisa's Sensed A Negative Vibe From Bill Cosby

Lisa's co-actor and TV father, Bill Cosby, was cased of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand a couple of years ago. 

The case was running on the court, and when asked about this issue with the actress Lisa, she revealed many things. 

Lisa was never sexually assaulted or even had an intimate experience in her life. 

She has worked with Bill Cosby, and Cosby had never victimized her. 

But she revealed in an interview that she was not surprised by the case running on against Bill Cosby

It was because she always felt some negative vibe around the actor. 

She didn't have any bad experience with the actor, so she was always quiet. She said that Bill was full of negative vibes like sinister. 

She would have come up against him if she had experienced something terribly from him. 

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