Who Is Allen Miles Dyers? Father Of Natalia Dyers

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Who Is Allen Miles Dyers? Father Of Natalia Dyers

Allen Miles Dyer is a clinical engineer specialist by profession. He is the father of three children, two daughters and a son. 

He is the father of Stranger Things fame actress Natalia Dyer. He was born in America

His wife's name is Karen Dyer, who is a fitness trainer and an exercise physiologist

Allen Miles Dyer's wife Karen Dyer
Allen Miles Dyer's wife, Karen Dyer Source: Pinterest

Everything About Allen Miles Daughter Natalia 

Natalia is an American actress. She was raised in Nashville, Tennessee

She debuted in Hannah Montana, where she played a small role as Clarissa Granger

She has played in several short movies. 

Her biggest breakthrough was when she played the role of Nancy Wheeler in the Netflix series Stranger Things. 

She won the Screen Actors Guild award in 2018 for her outstanding performance in stranger things.

Allen Miles Dyer's daughter Natalia Dyer
Allen Miles Dyer's daughter Natalia Dyer  Source: Instagram

Who Is Natalia Dyers Currently Dating?

Natalia is dating actor Charlie Heaton

They met each other on the set of Stranger Things back in 2016 as they were co-stars. 

It was said that a year later, the beautiful pair started dating each other. 

They confirmed their romance in 2017 after they were seen together walking down the streets holding hands, according to different sources. 

They have been in a relationship for more than six years.

They spend most of their time with each other, post each other pictures on their Instagram and attend many awards shows and events together.

Natalia Dyer with her boyfriend Charlie Heaton
Natalia Dyer with her boyfriend, Charlie Heaton Source: Instagram

Is She Engaged?

As of now, she is only dating Charlie


Natalia is 27 years old. 

Net Worth

Natalia has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Most of her income is from her acting career. 

She charges around $250 thousand per episode.

Natalia And Charlie Took A Lie Detector Test

In a Vanity Fair show, the couple took a lie detector test. 

Charlie went up first, and Natalia asked him many questions. It was an enjoyable challenge. 

They question were pretty funny. 

When Natalia asked if he had difficulty understanding her accent, he cutely replied yes, sometimes, then quickly said no. 

He said if he were not into acting, he would love to be a rock star. He was very goofy in answering every question. 

Then it was Natalia's turn. She said that she always wanted to become an actress. 

She admitted that she had a crush on Orlando Bloom. The questions for her were pretty tough. 

She made fun of herself saying that she can't spell properly. 

When she was asked about her first impression when she met Charlie, she thought he was a cool guy. 

The couple were adorable.

Natalia's Biggest Fangirl Moment 

Her most significant fangirl moment was when she met Phoebe Waller-Bridge

She saw her at a party after an award show, where her idol won many awards. 

Phoebe is her inspiration, and she was amazed to see her in person. 

She said she got lost and completely freaked out when she saw her.

Natalia About Dealing With Mental Health After Lockdown

Natalia kept reminding herself about patience and self-love. 

That year was very difficult for everyone, so she kept her hopes high that this suffering would pass soon. 

She just had positive things going on her mind. 

She was very optimistic about the situation, which helped her keep going and grow strong than ever.

Facts About Natalia

She started acting at a very young age. She has a pet named Ozzy. Her favorite tv show is The New Black.

During her childhood days, she was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

She has a middle name which is Danielle

She adores Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio as they inspire her to be an actor. She is not married yet.

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