Who Is Allison Cain? Mother Of Hayley Atwell

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Who Is Allison Cain? Mother Of Hayley Atwell

Allison Cain is a celebrity mother. Her daughter is actress Hayley Atwell. She is a motivational speaker by profession. 

She was married to Grant Atwell, a photographer. Later, she separated from her husband.

Allison Cain's ex-husband, Grant Atwell and daughter Hayley Atwell.
Allison Cain's ex-husband, Grant Atwell and daughter Hayley Atwell. Source: Pinterest

Is Hayley Married?

Hayley is currently dating actor and music producer Ned Wolfgang Kelly

She was spotted with him a month after her split from actor Tom Cruise

An insider said that Hayley seems very happy at the moment. She looks very happy. 

They even went to Disneyland on a date. However, the couple hasn't officially announced their relationship.

Allison Cain's daughter Hayley Atwell.
Allison Cain's daughter Hayley Atwell. Source: Instagram

Was Hayley Actually Dating Tom Cruise?

Hayley and Tom were co-stars in the movie Mission Impossible.

In 2020 he was spotted with Atwell at Wimbledon. A source said that they had an instant connection right from the beginning. 

They were secretly dating at that time. An insider said that covid brought them a lot closer. 

They were spotted spending time with each other publicly. 

They fell for each other while shooting for Mission Impossible

They never officially announced their relationship. 

They kept their romance very low-key. But things did not work out between the two, so they decided to part ways. 


Her daughter Hayley is 40 years old. 

Net Worth

Her daughter's net worth is estimated to be $3 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her acting career.

Hayley Was The Reason Behind Dominic Cooper's Viral Photo

In an interview with James Cordon, she admitted that she loves to torture Dominic. 

Dominic is a mutual friend of both Hayley and James. They both love him a lot. 

Hayley and Dominic were co-stars in the movie Agent Carter. She shared one funny incident during the shoot. 

They shot a stunt scene one day. The shoot was done upside down. 

There was a picture of them taken in that position. So she zoomed in on Dominic's photo. It was hilarious. 

Dominic even asked her to delete that photo of him. But she didn't. She sent that photo to all the crew members. 

On the last day of his shoot, 150 crew members wore a t-shirt with Dominic's photo. 

She said that the t-shirt has been to many countries as well. His photo was even developed into a phone case. 

Dominic is James's best friend, so Hayley gifted him something to remind him of Dominic

She gifted him a blanket with that terrible photo of Dominic in it.

Hayley Loves British TV Shows

Hayley is half American and half British.

Hayley loves watching Keeping Up with Kardashian. She loves and adores Kim Kardashian

She even shared her favorite show in England. She loves to watch GoggleBox. She is addicted to that type of show. 

She also mentioned her other favorite show Love Island

She said the final episode was broadcasted on the same day, so she couldn't watch it because she was giving an interview at that time. 

She said that she doesn't have a Tv. She watches her favorite show online.

Hayley Talked About Living In LA

Hayley lived temporarily in LA. She lived in a rental apartment and hotel in LA

She had been in LA for work. She has little idea about life and living in LA compared to London

She said that New Yorkers have a rude way of being polite, and LA people have a polite way of being rude. 

She shared an incident when she gave an audition. 

The person who saw her audition said that she was amazing and he had never seen someone as good as her. 

But she never got a call from that person and got a job.

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