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Alma Bay is the daughter of Zoe Kazan, who is an American actress, screenwriter and playwright. 

Her father's name is Paul Dano. Her father, Dano, is also an actor. 

She was born in 2018 and is currently three years old. She is American by her nationality.

Parents Relationship

Zoe dated Kevin Jonas for a year and later broke up. 

After that, she was in a relationship with Derek Ries. They started dating in 2009 and later got engaged. They broke up after staying in a relationship for two years. 

After that, she got into a relationship with Paul Dano, a famous actor. 

Zoe and Paul met each other in 2007. They worked together and fell in love with each other. 

As of 2021, they are still together as a couple. They are not married yet. 

They had already completed fourteen years of togetherness and still counting more.  

They also have a daughter together named Alma Bay. She was born in 2018

Zoe with his boyfriend, Paul
Zoe with his boyfriend, Paul  Source: Instagram

About Zoe Kazan

Zoe is an American actress, screenwriter, and playwright born on 9 September 1983

She was born to Nicholas Kazan and Robin Swicord. Her parents raised her in Los Angeles. 

She started her acting career when she was young. She played her first movie in 2003.

After that, she appeared in many movies and TV shows. Some of her well-known movies are The Savage, What if and Revolutionary Road. 

Her performance in her movies made her win many awards. She is currently in a relationship with Paul and has a daughter. 

Zoe posing in event
Zoe posing in event  Source: Instagram 

Zoe Karan Faced Harassment (Tragedy)

Her mother is a famous actor and writer. As a writer, she has always been concerned about writing about women. 

In an interview, she opened up about the female actor facing harassment. 

Women who faced assault never opened up about that thing because they get targeted if they did so. 

Being a female actor and coming from the same entertainment industry, she had also gone through harassment. 

She opened up about women being assaulted and raped while working in the entertainment industry. 

Female actors are touched inappropriately. She said that she went through that situation.

She didn't open up about people's names as she didn't want to be their target. 

She also said that not every man in the industry is bad as she had also worked with some good decent men who are too supportive.   

Sex With Writer's Husband

Zoe Kazan gave an interview to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

There in the interview she talked about her parents, movies and many more. 

She started the interview by talking about her parents. She came from a good background and told me that both mom and dad were great writers and directors. 

They were Oscars winner. She also talked about her granddad and told the interviewer to add great before his name. 

Zoe told that his parents wanted him to be a writer too but she chose acting. 

She opened up about her parents getting disappointed after she told her parents that she wanted to be an actress.

Zoe said that she played the lead role in her school while she was 14 years old. 

After getting the main role, she told her parents that she wants to be an actor and shocked her parents. 

Her parents get very worried about her as she is in her acting career.Kumail Nan Jani wrote her new movie with his wife Emily Gordon

Zoe said that her new movie is based on a true story, and in one scene,e Zoe will be seen having sex with the writer's husband. 

She told that it was all writer Emily's mistake because she and her husband were the one who made her do that. 

Zoe then started talking about the writer Kumail and said that he is a gentle man and he didn't want his wife to see him having sex with other women so he asked his wife go leave the set where they had sex and his wife agreed and left the set. 

Zoe's character on the movie had a part where she got ill and fell into coma. She told that while doing that scene she fell asleep. 

She was bored while doing that because all she has to do is lie in bed and show that she is in coma. 


Alma is three years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Zoe is $3 Million. Her source of income is acting, playwright and screenwriter. 

The yearly income of American actresses is estimated to be $218,000 per year. 

Zoe Kazan Criticized For Her Acting

In 2018, Zoe's movie The Ballad of Buster Scruggis was released. 

After watching the movie, a fan of her criticized Zoe's acting and performance in that movie through his Twitter account. 

Her fan sounded so disrespectful towards Zoe. Zoe came across that tweet as she was tagged on it.  

After that, Zoe decided to respond to one Twitter user and said that people shouldn't tag artists in their tweets regarding their acting careers. 

After seeing her reply, her fan immediately apologized to her, saying he had never thought Zoe would notice her tweet and said he was new to Twitter

Zoe Kazan Is Ready To Leave Her Career For Happiness

Zoe has always been a bright kid from her childhood. Being graduated from a drama school, she has spent a lot of her life in acting and her career. 

She has always given her best in every movie and has achieved a lot throughout her career.

But Kazan started thinking that she had achieved a lot, but she was not so happy with it. 

She wants to be happy, so she said of leaving her career for happiness in one of her interview in 2020

She then started spending more time with her family and friends and started thinking for herself. 

She lives her life happily as she thinks that there is only one life and people should live it to the fullest.

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