Who Is Alton Allison? Husband Of Darlene Love

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Who Is Alton Allison? Husband Of Darlene Love

Alton Allison is the husband of Darlene Love, who is an American singer and actress.

Alton And His Famous Wife Darlene 

Alton is known for being the husband of the famous singer and actress Darlene Love

He became somewhat famous by association due to his wife’s popularity. 

Two words that describe him are supportive and loving, especially regarding Darlene’s career. 

Alton is originally from Jamaica. He is private about his personal life. However, he seems to be in his mid-70s

He is older than Darlene. The couple has been married since 1984 and have a son together. 

Alton is very supportive of his wife. 

He has been supportive throughout their more than 39 years of marriage. 

While Darlene occasionally visits Jamaica to be with Alton’s family, both spouses share a solid and loving relationship. 

Alton Allison with his wife, Darlene Love.
Alton Allison with his wife, Darlene Love. Source: Pinterest


Alton might be in his late 70s.

Net worth

As an American singer, Alton’s wife, Darlene, has a net worth of about $5 million

Darlene's 60 Years Relationship With Cher

Gary Walker is interviewing Darlene about her 60-year relationship with Cher and their upcoming Tree Lighting Ceremony event. 

They discuss Cher’s involvement in Love’s holiday hit Christmas( Baby Please Come Home).  

The interview reflects on what first attracts people to music, highlighting the immediate connection through the voice. 

The focus is on backup singers, their harmonies, and their influence on the interviewer in his teenage years. 

Darlene is praised for her role in The Blossoms, a legendary singing group from the ‘60s

Darlene discussed her early recording sessions with James Drarren and the legendary Sam Cooke

She shared her experience recording with Sam Cooke and the unexpected success of the songs. 

The conversation goes on about the challenges of background singing. Darlene values the unity of individual voices coming together. 

Darlene discusses the good times when background singers and girl groups were famous in the early 1960s.

Alton Allison's wife, Darlene Love.
Alton Allison's wife, Darlene Love. Source: Instagram

Darlene's Journey From Background Singer To Music Star

Darlene shared her journey in the music industry, starting as a backup singer for famous artists like Dion, Tom Jones, and Nancy Sinatra. 

Despite her successful career as part of The Crystals, she faced challenges when she decided to go solo. 

During this time, she cleaned houses to make ends meet even though she had luxuries like a Mercedes and fur coats.  

Despite the difficulties, she realized her talent when hearing her song on the radio while cleaning and got inspired to pursue her passion. 

She also discusses working with producer Phil Spector, highlighting challenging behavior and uncomfortable situations in the recording studio. 

Despite the obstacles, Darlene remained determined to succeed and kept a favorite song that reminded her of the people who supported her along the way.

Darlene Faced Difficulties While Working With Phil Spector

Darlene shared her experience working with Phil Spector, a famous music producer who recently passed away. 

She described their relationship as a bad marriage, citing emotional and mental abuse. 

Even though Darlene faced difficulties working with Phil, she recognized that he significantly influenced rock 'n roll, a fact acknowledged by other famous musicians. 

Darlene began as a background singer for Phil’s girl groups but faced difficulties as he tried to control her talent. 

Phil even blocked her from singing the songs that built her career. 

However, Darlene eventually moved to New York, freeing herself from Phil’s influence. 

She sued him for unpaid royalties in 1993, and she won.

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