Who Is Alvin G. Segel? Father Of Jason Segel

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Who Is Alvin G. Segel? Father Of Jason Segel

Alvin G. Segel is the father of American actor, comedian, producer, and screenwriter Jason Segel. He is a lawyer professionally. 

Alvin is living in California, USA. He is an American citizen

Married Life Of Alvin 

Alvin is married to his wife, Jillian Jordan. The couple has been married to each other since 1977, and they share three children.

Jillian and her husband Alvin are parents to two sons named Adam Segel and Jason and a daughter named Alison Segal. 

Alvin and his wife both came to prominence because of their second son Jason who chose an acting career.

Alvin G. Segel with his wife.
Alvin G. Segel with his wife. Source: Pinterest

About Alvin's Son Jason 

Jason is an actor, comedian, producer, and screenwriter

He is popularly known for his portrayal in the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother in the role of Marshall Eriksen.

He was born in Los Angeles, California. He has two siblings an older brother Adam Segel and a younger sister, Alison Segal. 

Jason has worked on many movies and TV series throughout his career. 

Who Is Jason Married?

Jason is not married yet, and neither is he currently dating anyone. Back in 2021, Jason was in a relationship with Alexis Miter

He started dating her in 2014 and stayed together for eight years before breaking up. 

Jason's then-girlfriend Alexis was the one who made public about their break up through her social media. 

Their breakup was mutual, so it ended on good terms. 

Jason Segel with his ex-girlfriend.
Jason Segel with his ex-girlfriend. Source: People

Past Affairs Of Jason 

Jason might be single now, but in the past, he has been in relationships with many women. 

He dated his co-star Lin Cardellini back in 2001. They were together for six years, and they broke up. 

He dated Chloe Sevigny in 2009 for a few months. 

He was also in a relationship with Michelle Williams and Bojana Novakovic for a year. 

Age and Net Worth 

Alvin was born in the year 1945, which makes him currently 78 years old. He has a handsome net worth, but his net worth is not yet revealed.

His son Jason has a net worth of $50 Million

Italian People Called Jason Stupid

Jason's show How I Met Your Mother was a hit, and many people loved watching his show and liked how Jason played his character as Marshall.

So he went to Italy back in 2016, and he knew that many people have watched his show. 

He was recognized by the people over there but not as Jason.

They knew him by his character, Marshall, and were unaware of his actual name, so they kept on calling him Marshall.

His character as Marshall made people think that Marshall was a dumb guy, and the people of Italy felt that he might be stupid in person, so a chef came to take photo with him. 

He was happy and took photos with the chef, and that chef told him that he was not as stupid in person as Marshall.

Jason Brought A Car To Impress

In 2015, Jason played in the movie The End of the Tour, in which he played the character of David Foster Wallace.

To fit in the character of David, Jason gained 35 to 40 pounds. He ate pizzas and ice creams to gain weight and felt happy eating those things. 

He moved to another town, and in that town people shamed healthy bodies. 

He didn't want to get shamed, so he bought a car to look fantastic and fit in that town. 

He got himself an old Bronco to make himself liked by the town's people.

Kids In School Rounded Jason

Jason gave an interview on Conan O'Brien‘s show where he talked about his height, school, and some of his past memories. 

He revealed that he was 12 when his height was the tallest in the school. His 6'4'' height always made him different from others. 

Moreover, he belonged to a Jewish community but studied in a Christian school. So, his classmates didn't like him much. 

But his height brought him extra attention in school. 

Several boys rounded him in the school, and they used to climb on his back, saying ride the oath. 

He also revealed that he lived with an older lady when he was 18. 

And at the same time, he did a movie where he had a masturbation scene. 

When he went to the bar with the same lady who was his girlfriend then, he revealed that one of the bartenders recognized him for his masturbation scene.

Jason Heartbroken After Breakup 

Jason revealed in the interview on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert about an experience he had during the lockdown period that broke his heart.  

He broke up with his girlfriend just a few days before the lockdown started. He was sad, so he decided to go for an ice cream break at 9:00 pm

He was then served by a woman who talked to him about how good his movie was and told him never to forget the joy he brings to the world. 

It touched his heart, and he felt a connection with that woman. Then the lockdown started, and he couldn't let that woman out of his mind. 

Hence, he ordered ice cream from the same shop. Surprisingly, the same thing was written in the box. 

He felt exceptional. So after the lockdown, he decided to move and visit the same shop. 

He then got to know the shop's slogan that they say to each customer, never forget the joy you bring to this world. 

It made Jason heartbroken.

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