Who is Alyssia Censori? Sister Of Bianca Censori

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Who is Alyssia Censori? Sister Of Bianca Censori

Alyssia Censori is the sister of Australian TV personality and architectural designer Bianca Censori

Alyssia herself is a professional registered nurse. She grew up with her two sisters, Bianca and Angelina

She is currently living in Brisbane with her son. She is an Australian citizen by nationality.

Alyssia Censori with her mother and sisters.
Alyssia Censori with her mother and sisters. Source: Instagram

About Her Sister

Bianca is a TV personality and architectural designer. She is well known for her design in work with singer Kanye West

She was born in the year 1995. Her father’s name is Elia Leo Censori, and her mother’s is Alexander Cessori

Her parents raised her with her two sisters. She is an Australian citizen by nationality. 

Married Life Of Bianca

Bianca is married to famous rapper Kanye West. They met each other for the first time at Yeezy Fashion Company

The rapper texted her and offered to work for him. 

She took the work offer and came to LA to work for him as an architectural designer in his company, Yeezy

They slowly got close to each other and started dating. 

Kanye was married to Kim Kardashian, but they were separated when Bianca and Kanye started dating. 

They tied the knot in December 2022, just a month after Kanye’s divorce from Kim

They are now legally married and living a happy life together.

Bianca Censori with her husband, Kanye West.
Bianca Censori with her husband, Kanye West. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth

Her sister Bianca is 28 years old. She has a net worth of $2 Million. Her source of income is architecture design. 

Bianca’s Indecent Act With Her Husband

Kanye West and his wife Bianca news took over the internet in September

The couple went on vacation in Venice, Italy, where they were caught doing indecent acts in public. 

Bianca and her husband were boating in the river, and her husband Kanye’s buttocks flashed in the daylight. 

Bianca was laying her head in his lap, and it seemed they were doing something in public that shouldn’t be done. 

Their videos and photos from the boat ride were all over the internet, and many people there were disgusted by their actions. 

The public accused them of indecency, and many people wanted them to be arrested. 

It was very inappropriate for them to do such a thing in public place, especially in a catholic country like Italy

Bianca Has Her Own Business

Bianca is known for her architectural skills. She is working with her husband in her company. 

Besides architecture, she is also a businesswoman who has owned her own business. 

She has a business line named Nylon, which she started right after high school. 

She was interested in fashion and started her fashionable jewelry business by keeping crystals inside the mesh and creating thin chokers. 

Her work started growing slowly, and even after she started her architectural career, she didn’t stop making jewelry. 

She wanted to be creative, so she kept making it, and it slowly turned into a business.

Bianca Got Slammed By Public 

Bianca has received a lot of criticism from the public because of her weird wardrobe choices. 

She and her husband both appear wearing odd-looking outfits. 

For the past few months, her questionable fashion sense has made people backlash at her. 

She is seen naked most of the time when she comes out in public. 

During her trip to Italy, she wore a nude thin dress that didn’t cover anything. 

Her breasts were utterly seen through her dress. Her dress offended lots of locals in Italy

Also, she was seen attaching a pillow covering her breast, whereas her other body part was naked. 

That made people think that her dressing sense was bizarre.

Bianca Changed Herself For Kanye

Bianca has been in the headlines after her marriage with Kanye

She is a fashionable, beautiful woman. However, many people claim that she changed her appearance for Kanye

Her old and current photos have been compared, and it clearly shows that Bianca looks nothing like she did in her past. 

Some of her high school friends have also claimed that her nose, butt, and body look different than before and have assumed that she has undergone plastic surgery just to look like Kim Kardashian, who is Kanye's ex. 

Bianca had dark hair before, but after her relationship with Kanye, she changed it to blonde, as Kim did. 

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