Who Is Amanda Brynn Mickelson? Stunning Daughter Of Phil Mickelson

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Who Is Amanda Brynn Mickelson? Stunning Daughter Of Phil Mickelson

Amanda Brynn Mickelson is the daughter of professional golfer Phil Mickelson who currently plays in the LIV Golf League

She was born on 21 June 1999. She has two siblings, Evan and Sophia. She completed her high school in 2017 and went to Brown University

Parents of Amanda Brynn Mickelson.
Parents of Amanda Brynn Mickelson. Source: Pinterest

Parents Married Life

Phil is happily married to Amy Michelson. His wife is a former NBA cheerleader. They tied the knot in 1996

They met at Arizona State University in 1992 as they attended the same university. 

When they met, she knew nothing about golf or who Phil was. They dated for around four years before getting married. 

They are parents to their three beautiful kids. 

They have founded a non-profit organization called Birdies for the Brave, which raises funds for combat-wounded veterans. 

Family of Amanda Brynn Mickelson.
Family of Amanda Brynn Mickelson. Source: Facebook


Amanda is 24 years old.

Net Worth

Her father's net worth is estimated to be $875 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional golfer

Was Phil Involved In Golf Gambling?

Billy Walters, an ex-friend of Phil, accused him of gambling on his book Gambler: Secret from a Life at Risk

An excerpt of his book was published, which stated that Phil was notorious. 

He revealed that he had to provide betting plays so Mickelson would place them on the 2012 US Ryder Cup team he was part of. 

But Phil denied the allegation that was made against him. 

He claimed that he had never bet on the Ryder Cup and that he had always respected the integrity of the game in his statement. 

Phil has been open about his gambling addiction and regrets what he has done in the past. 

He said he took full responsibility for his past activities and added he has now become a better person after getting help and seeking therapy. 

Phil Talked About Tiger Woods

In an interview, Phil revealed the funny side of Tiger Woods

He revealed that Tiger is an excellent smack talker, and people are unaware of it as he does the talking under his breath, and no one can hear what he is saying. 

He said only Tiger could hear what he was saying. Phil said Woods does not get credit for his smack-talking. 

He shared he loved playing against Tiger, and it was challenging to compete with him, but he was a funny guy to beat. 

Phil played with Tiger in Las Vegas in 2018

He said that Tiger brings the best out of him as he got the opportunity to play at his highest level during his career while playing against him. 

He added that he would not have achieved the same success in his career if Tiger had not been there.

Phil and Tiger had a hot and cold relationship but always respected each other. 

Phil Talked About Parting Ways With His Caddie

Jim Mackay was a caddie for Phil Mickelson for 25 years. They started working together in 1992. He said both of them decided to part ways mutually. 

He said they knew they had worked together for 25 years on the golf court and had seen highs and lows. 

He mentioned it was an emotional day when they decided to part ways. 

He shared when his wife was diagnosed with cancer, he was going through a challenging phase, and Jim and his wife were there to support them. 

He said they have celebrated wins and also have shown up for each other during tough times more. 

He added there could not be a better person than Jim. He thanked and appreciated Jim for being there for him on and off the court. 

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