Who is Amanda Moore? Wife Of Tommy Davidson

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Amanda Moore is the wife of Tommy Davidson, an American actor and comedian

Amanda Moore with her husband, Tommy Davidson.
Amanda Moore with her husband, Tommy Davidson. Source: Pinterest

More About Amanda 

Amanda is a businesswoman and a mother to a significant and blended family. Amanda and Tommy got married in 2015 and love to travel together. 

Amanda owns a kids’ boutique called Lil Posh that sells high-quality baby items at affordable prices, including strollers, baby clothes, and more. 

She got her education at the University of California and Harvard and is passionate about her business. 

She has a son from a previous relationship named Jayden. 

In 2021, they have a daughter together. 

Amanda appeared on TV shows like Family Feud and Celebrity Wife Swap. She is a private person, but she supports her husband in public.  

Amanda Moore's husband and their daughter.
Amanda Moore's husband and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Amanda's Husband Was Found Near Garbage Can

Amanda's spouse, Tommy, had a traumatic past. Tommy was left near a garbage can by his birth mother when he was just a baby. 

He could have died from the cold if he wasn't found by a kind woman who became his adoptive mother. 

She found him, saw his little foot sticking out of the trash, and rescued him. 

Tommy has had a successful career, loving parents, and a beautiful family. 

Now, nearly 50 years later, he looks back on his adoption, his early life, and his emotions when he met his birth mother for the first time. 

Tommy‘s life is remarkable, and his story reminds us that even when life begins with challenges, it can lead to happiness and success.


Amanda was born in 1969. She is 53 years old as of 2023. 

Net Worth

Tommy's net worth is about $2 million.

Tommy's Conflict With Will Smith

Comedian Tommy shared a story about a conflict he had with Will Smith

In 1998, Tommy had a kissing scene with Jada Pinkett Smith in a movie called Woo.

Will Smith got upset about it but didn’t explain why. Tommy only discovered 15 years later that it was because of that kissing scene. 

They had a confrontation, but Tommy handled it calmly. 

Later, Tommy wrote a book and asked permission to include this story, and Will Smith’s friend confirmed that it was okay. 

It seems that the issue was that the kissing scene wasn’t planned, and it made things uncomfortable. 

Fans on social media found it funny that Will Smith was upset about a kiss in the past, especially since he and Jada had revealed they were separated since 2016

Tommy On Growing Up With His Adopted White Family

Tommy talked about growing up in a family of a different race. 

He didn’t feel different because he was adopted by a white family who loved him. 

But when he moved to Washington D.C. during racial riots in 1968, he saw people treating others poorly because of their skin color. 

This made him wonder why people would hate others for their race. 

Even though he faced racism, he also had friends from different backgrounds, like Nigerian, Indian, and Latino kids

These friendships taught him a lot about different cultures. 

Tommy also shares a story about getting in trouble at school for raising his fist, symbolizing the Black Power movement

The principal scolded him, but his mom stood up for him and said he was essential to the Black Power movement.

This made Tommy realize he had more to learn about himself and people like him. 

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