Amanda Tomalin- Truth About Susan Sarandon Sister

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Amanda Tomalin is the sister of American actress, activist, and producer Susan Sarandon

Amanda's Family

Amanda Tomalin was born in New York City. Her mother's name was Lenora Marie, birth name was Nee Criscione. She was a homemaker. 

Amanda's father's name was Phillip Leslie Tomalin. He was an advertising executive and television producer. He also used to be a singer at nightclubs. 

Amanda has four brothers. Their names are Philip Jr Tomalin, Terry Tomalin, Tim Tomalin, and O Brien Tomalin.

Among them, Terry is an accomplished outdoorsman, journalist, and community leader. 

Amanda has four other sisters too. They are named Meredith Tomalin, Missy Tomalin, Susan Tomalin, and Bonnie Tomalin.

Among all nine siblings, Susan Tomalin Sarandon is the most famous one. 

Amanda and her siblings
Amanda and her siblings  Source: Pinterest

Ethnicity and Religion of Amanda

Amanda's father was of English, Irish, and siblings' Welsh ancestry. Her English ancestors from her father's side came from Hackney in London

Her Welsh ancestors came from Bridgend

Amanda's mother is of Italian descent. Her ancestors from her mother's side came from the regions of Tuscany and Sicily

Amanda was raised as Roman Catholic. She also attended Roman Catholic School

She was brought up and raised in Edison, New Jersey. She did her high school in Edison. She graduated from Edison High School.

Aunt of Three

Amanda is an aunt of three kids. She has one niece and two nephews.

Her sister Susan has two kids with the legendary actor known for his famous movie Shawshank Redemption, Tim Robbins.

Both of them are sons and are named Jack Hennery Robbins and Miles Robins.

Jack Henry is thirty-two years old, whereas Miles is twenty-nine years old. 

Amanda's niece's name is Eva Amurri, a daughter of Susan and France Amurri. She works as a blogger, and her age is thirty-six years old.

An old picture of Amanda's sister, nephews, and niece
An old picture of Amanda's sister, nephews, and niece   Source: Pinterest

Sister's Career and Professional Life

Amanda's sister Susan graduated from the Catholic University of America located in Washington, Dc, with a degree in drama. 

After graduating, she started her modeling career and began appearing in a few films and television series, but she only managed to get short roles. 

In 1975, she appeared in the rocky horror picture show. She played the opposite character of the main lead. 

She started getting recognized in this movie. She appeared in sound films like Pretty Baby and Atlantic City.

Because of her incredible acting, she got nominated for the best actress on Oscar Award for the movie Atlantic City. 

After doing plenty of movies and series, she starred in a romantic comedy movie called Bull Durham. This movie and the portrayal of her character get her star status. 

Susan continued working and got further nominated for Academy Awards as the best actress for the movies like Thelma and Louise, The Client, and Dead Man Walking

She had also guest-starred in the 90s most incredible hit sitcom Friends. Susan is continuing to work and is starring in a few television series and movies. 

Awards and Achievements of Sister

Susan achieved a lifetime Achievement Award at Stockholm International Film Festival in 2009

This was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2010

She was also awarded the Outstanding Artistic Life Award for her outstanding contribution to the World Cinema at Shanghai International Film Festival in 2011

She also received the Goldene Kamera International Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.

Susan Sarandon Broke up With Hillary Clinton 

In the interview with Stephen Colbert, Susan talked about Hillary and Bernie Sanders. Susan is well known as a versatile actress and as an activist. 

The interviewer asked Susan why she supported Bernie Sanders and what happened between Susan and Hillary

He first showed the picture of Susan and Hillary in which they looked very nice, but then Susan said that she didn't trust Hillary anymore and had broken up with her. 

Susan told Hillary not to go to Iran, but she didn't listen to Susan and went there. 

After that, Hillary became secretary of state, and as Susan is an environmentalist, she told her not to use methane. But Hillary started selling it all over the world. 

Then Susan opened that she told Hillary to give women $15 as wages, but Hillary said that she couldn't do that, and because of all these things, she and Hillary broke up. 

She trusts Hillary no more, and she and Hillary are no more a good couple. Then Stephen showed the picture of Susan in which she was staring at Bernie romantically. 

That picture doesn't look like her and Bernie's political relationship. Susan said that Bernie has been in the right place throughout his life, and his speech is appreciable. 

Susan said that she would never vote for Trump. Many people will vote for him, but not many women will vote for Trump

She is not in support of Trump, and she shows her full support for Bernie.

Net Worth

The career and professional life of Amanda Tomalin has not been revealed. The net worth of her sister is given below:

Net WorthSources
$60 millionActress, Producer, Voice Actor

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. The age, height, and weight of Amanda have not been disclosed.
  2. She is American by nationality.

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