Who Is Amber Laign? Partner Of Robin Roberts

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Who Is Amber Laign? Partner Of Robin Roberts

Amber Laign is the wife of Robin Roberts. Her spouse is a co-anchor of America's top-rated morning news program, Good Morning America. 

She is a massage therapist. 

 Amber Laign and Robin Roberts.
Amber Laign and Robin Roberts. Source: Instagram

Married Life                                  

Robin does not have a husband as she is married to Amber, and she is her wife. Amber met Robin in 2005

They met on a blind date. Amber is very private, but she is very supportive of her. 

Robin shared that both tried to cancel that blind date twice, but they went on a date. 

She added she was blown away the minute she met her. They went for lunch but ended at dinner time. 

She said she got butterflies on their second date. 

She shared that when Amber left for Tahiti, she started to have feelings for her. 

Robin publicly talked about her girlfriend in 2013. She even mentioned Amber in her memoir. 

They made their public appearance as a couple in 2014

They got married in September 2023 after dating each other for 18 years. They do not have kids together.

Amber Laign with her partner, Robin Roberts.
Amber Laign with her partner, Robin Roberts. Source: Instagram


Her partner, Robin, is 63 years old.

Net Worth

Her partner, Robin's net worth is $55 million

Robin Fought Cancer And Serious Medical Condition

In 2007, Robin shared that she was diagnosed with breast cancer

She said she was grateful that she found out about it at an initial stage. 

She was bold enough to share her journey with the world. 

She even shaved her hair to give a message to cancer patients about not wearing wigs and accepting themselves and embracing them. 

She fought hard and won over cancer

Unfortunately, after five years, she was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disorder that affects the bone marrow. 

She shared about her medical condition and showed her journey. 

She needed a bone marrow transplant, and fortunately, her sister was a perfect match. 

Robin Shared Her Partner's Cancer Battle Journey

Robins shared that her partner was diagnosed with cancer, and she was there for her. 

She got teary when she talked about her partner's cancer battle. 

She said she felt helpless when she found out about it. She said she was very emotional about her. 

She said she showed her patience in this tough time, and Amber taught her to be a caregiver in return. 

She said at a time when she was battling with some serious medical condition, Amber was there watching her, and now the role has been reversed. 

She said the journey had been eye-opening for them. She said they are helping each other. 

Robin Is Also An Author

Robin is the author of the New York Times bestselling book Better by Day

The book is all about showing hope and positivity in readers' lives. 

She shared people resonate with different aspects of the book. 

She said she was glad that people could pick something from the book and connect with it. 

She said she shared her journey in her book and hopes that people also find their path from the book. 

She said she had shared some words of wisdom in that book.

Robin Recalled Breaking Down While Broadcasting A News

In an interview, Robin remembered when she could not hold her emotions while broadcasting live on TV. 

In 2005, hurricane Katrina hit her hometown, and she didn’t know whether her family had survived that. 

She said she thought she would get fired after that news because, as a journalist, they were not supposed to show their emotion. 

She said when she was giving that news, one of her co-hosts, Charlie, said to her ear that she was not aware of the condition of her family and was vale to find them. 

After that, she could not hold her emotions and opened up like that. 

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