Who Is Amber Moolenbeek? Ex-Girlfriend Of Davy Klassen

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Amber Moolenbeck is the ex-girlfriend of Dutch professional football player Davy Klassen. Amber is from Hilversum.

Amber Moolenbeck's ex-boyfriend Davy Klassen.
Amber Moolenbeck's ex-boyfriend Davy Klassen. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

The marital status of Amber is unknown, but back in the day, she dated the football player Davy Klaassen.

They had known each other since childhood and dated, but now they are not together. 

About Amber's Ex partner Davy 

Davy is a professional footballer who currently plays for Eredivisie club Ajax in the midfielder position. 

He is also in Netherlands national team. His parents raised him in Hilversum, Netherlands, which makes him a Dutch citizen. 

Who Is Davy Dating Now?

Davy is currently in a relationship with Laura Benschop. They have been dating each other since their first meet in the stadium where Davy was playing a match. 

They have shared their pictures on social media and seem very happy together. 

Davy Klassen with his girlfriend, Laura Benschop.
Davy Klassen with his girlfriend, Laura Benschop. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her ex-partner Davy is 29 years old. The net worth of Davy is $5 Million. 

Amber’s Ex-Boyfriend Was Cheating With His Club

Amber’s ex-boyfriend Davy was accused that he, and his fellow teammate Daley Blind were accused of earning money by passing out information about the club's formation and dressing room talks to a fantasy football game. 

Media reported that the fantasy game has been making a great amount of money by cheating with the players, bribing them, and knowing the inner facts. 

The Ajax manager didn’t know about all things. 

He then revealed that he would not reveal the lineup until it was clear. 

About Davy, he seems to remain quiet about the matter and tends to stay out of the media. The truth is yet to be proved.

The Police stopped Davy And His Girlfriend.

Davy and his girlfriend Laura had been traveling in the streets of Germany riding a bicycle. 

Davy and Laura were on the same bicycle and were enjoying their day. 

But a policeman stopped the couple and said two people on one bicycle were illegal in Germany.

Davy had moved from Everton to Werder not long before the incident, so he didn’t know much about the country and its rules. 

As it was not illegal in his previous country, he didn’t think twice about it. 

Fortunately, the Police understood his condition and let him go without fines. He had to walk with his girlfriend after that moment.

Davy Made Money More Priority

Davy had an opportunity to play for Everton in the starting lineup in Napoli in February of 2018.

But he didn’t show up. It came out that his agent summoned him for some financial matter and the transfer-related matter. 

As he was planning to play for Everton, the Everton manager and the team was really dissatisfied with him.

The manager of Everton Sam said that the player was more focused on his financial status rather than his career. 

The manager said that being in football, he should have played if he really loved to play football. 

The manager also accused Davy saying that his focus was more on money than playing football. 

If he really was a football lover, Sam believed he would have played in exchange for some loss in finance.

Davy Was Not Made For Everton

Davy spends his worst career in Everton with almost 0 stats and no progress. 

But in Ajax, he is in his best form. When asked about it, he revealed that Everton was never the club he was made for.

From day one, he knew he had no chance in the club because the playing style, formation, and whole tactics were out of how he plays. 

He is the touch-ball player, and Everton’s long-haul strategy already lost him there. 

But in Ajax, he got to play in his natural form and natural way. So he is doing well in the club.

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