Amelia Jackson-Gray

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Amelia Jackson-Gray

Amelia Jackson-Grey is the ex-wife of American actor, director and producer Skeet Ulrich

Amelia Jackson herself is an actress and writer by her profession. She is well known for her movie The Girl on the Roof.

She belongs to a white ethnic group. She is an English citizen. 

Relationship Status Of Skeet Ulrich 

Skeet was in a relationship with Georgina Cates Previously. He met her at an award function and then started dating. 

They got married in the year 1997. They gave to their twin babies in 2000

They stayed as husband and wife for eight years, and after that, they divorced. 

After that, he got into a relationship with Amelia. They nearly dated for a year and then got married in 2012

They were able to maintain their married life for only two years, and after that, they divorced in 2015.

He then dated Rose Costa for a year. In 2020 he dated Megan Blake Irwin

Their relationship was very short. As of 2021, he is dating Lucy Hale. They are spotted together in different places.

Amelia Jackson-Grey with her ex-husband Skeet
Amelia Jackson-Grey with her ex-husband Skeet   Source: Instagram 

About Skeet Ulrich

Skeet is a director and producer born on January 20, 1970. His birth name is Bryan Ray Trout, but he later changed it into Skeet Ulrich. 

He was raised by his mom Carolynn Elaine Wax and stepdad, D.K. Ulrich

He is well known for his role-play in the movie Billy Loomis in Scream.  

He was the one who was interested in acting from a young age. 

He has shown his appearance in many movies and given the best performance in his acting. 

Some of his movies are The Craft, Takedown and The Newton Boys. He has managed to win many hearts with his acting skills.

Skeet Ulrich
Skeet Ulrich  Source: Instagram 


Her ex-husband is 51 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Skeet is $5 Million. He earns income from acting, producing, and directing. 

The average income of actors is $40,860 per year. 

Skeet Ulrich Faced An Injury During A Film Shoot

Skeet was doing a super hit movie named Scream in 1996. 

It was a horror and thriller movie and was a very interesting movie. People loved the movie's concept and were more attracted to the final scene. 

The ending scene showed Skeet stabbed by an umbrella was amazing. The scene looked too natural, and people were really concerned if he was stabbed. 

The truth was that Skeet was stabbed and hurt by the umbrella. He had worn a protective vest under his shirt. 

While he was stabbed for the first time, he was safe as the umbrella had a rectangular end and wore a vest. 

But in the second stab, the actor missed the vest and stabbed in the point in the chest where Skeet had open-heart surgery operations. 

He was hurt and was in pain. That footage was used in the movie.

Ulrich Went Through A Serious Surgery

Ulrich might be known as a well-established and talented actor, but he nearly lost his life in 2010 at 10

He was having a problem with his heart, and when consulted with the doctor, they found some bad news. 

Skeet had a cleft mitral valve and hole in his ventricular wall. He was immediately taken into emergency, and surgery was performed.

He only had one-fourth chance to live, and if anything went wrong, he would have died.

Fortunately, his open heart surgery went successful, and he got his life back. 

He then decided to be an actor and not is one of the best in the industry.

Skeet Ulrich Spoke On His Age Gap Controversy

Skeet is currently dating actress Lucy Hale. They were found holding hands and exchanging kisses in the starting phase of their relationship. 

The photo of them kissing without any hesitation went viral, and their relationship was known to everyone. 

Although some of their fans praised their relationship, others criticized them. 

Their age gap is 20 years old. People started criticizing them for a vast difference in their age and trolled them.

Ulrich later came in defense and said that it was not a new thing or a bad thing. They were in love, and many couples have a greater age gap. 

He said that it was all normal and okay.

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