Amy Boland Hauser

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Amy Boland Hauser

Amy Boland Hauser is the wife of a famous American actor and comedian Paul Walter Hauser

Her full name is Amy Elizabeth Boland. She was born in America. She is an American citizen. 

With her husband Paul, Amy has a son named Harris Boland Hauser. 

Marriage And Children

Paul had been in a relationship with Amy for a long time. They married on July 23, 2020, in Los Angeles in the United States. After a year, on April 21, 2021, they gave their first child, a son. 

He was born in Thomasville, Georgia, America and was named Harris Boland Hauser.

Amy Boland Hauser with her husband and baby boy
Amy Boland Hauser with her husband and baby boy  Source: Instagram

About Paul Walter Hauser

Paul was born on October 15, 1986, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, America. 

He was one of the four children of Deborah Hauser and Rev. Paul Hauser. He loved acting and theater from his childhood. 

He started as a standup comedian when he was just 16 and eventually debuted in acting in 2005

He was doing comedy in his early career, but it was not the only comedy that he did in acting. 

He was a versatile actor who has always given justice to the role and character of the movie. 

He then played many series, dramas and movies, among which “Audience Network,” “I, Tonya,” etc., are his famous works. 

He then, in 2020, married his love of the life, Amy and a year after that, gave birth to their first child, Harris Boland Hauser.

Paul Walter Hauser Spoke On Behalf Of The Deaf Community

On August 4, 2021, Paul twitted about how the Hollywood and film industries are forgetting about the deaf community. Many movies have collaborated with the community.  

After watching the movie, “CruellaPaul not only pointed on that movie but also told other movies to consider adding lyrical subtitles. 

He also said that everything costs money, so why not invest some in the subtitles as well which makes easier for deaf people to watch movies. 

Many people still support him in this case and consider it important.

Paul Walter Wants To Be Cast Again In Cobra Kai

2018 series Cobra Kai has still been people’s favorite to date. Paul also was part of the series. 

During his working days in the series as Stingray, he connected with the directors and crew there and had a great experience. 

He also said that he was treated well, and the environment during the shoot was so positive and friendly. 

The crew also contacted him many times to ask about him and had a genuine connection. 

He also has been watching the series and loved it. 

He then said that he wants to come back to the show as Stingray like old days if he gets the opportunity. 

He said that he was ready and was only waiting for him to be signed.

Amy Boland Hauser with her son 
Amy Boland Hauser with her son  Source: Instagram


Amy's husband Paul is currently 35 years old.

Net Worth

Today, the total net worth of Paul is about $14 Million. He earns being an actor and comedian. In America, the average salary of an actor is $ 58,176 annually.

Paul Criticized The Movie “Cruella” And Their Production Team

Paul watched the 2021 movie “Cruella,” which he worked on, and was not impressed. 

It was a big-budget movie with a huge production team as it was a Disney movie. 

But Paul Walter, after watching the movie, was not impressed as the movie lacked lyrical subtitles. 

He was disappointed by the negligence of the production team. 

Disney has a ton of money and is a big company, and hiring a person for subtitles was not a big deal for Disney

He was ashamed of them for not keeping subtitles in the movie, which caused many people trouble to watch the movie, including deaf people. 

He said it was unfair, awkward and rude and must be fix it.

After watching the movie, he immediately twitted about his thoughts. 

He was ashamed about the subtitle thing and said it should be improved.

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