Who Is Ana Maria Militao? Mother Of Eder Militao

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Who Is Ana Maria Militao? Mother Of Eder Militao

Ana Maria Militao is the mother of professional Brazillian football player Eder Militao. Her husband is Valdo Militao. 

Her husband was also a football player at his time. She has three children with her husband. 

She is a Brazilian citizen.

Ana Maria Militao with her husband, Valdo Militao.
Ana Maria Militao with her husband, Valdo Militao. Source: Life Bogger

About Ana's Son Eder 

Eder is a professional football player who currently plays for La Liga club Real Madrid and Brazil's national team

He was born in the year 1998 in Sertaozinho, Brazil. He is a Brazilian-Spanish citizen

Eder is not married yet, nor does he have any partner. A few months ago, he was dating Instagram model Karoline Lima. 

They started dating in 2021. Eder and Karoline have a daughter who was born a few days before their breakup. 

Despite their break up and their personal issues, Eder and Karolina have assured to do parenting together. They broke up in 2022.

Age And Net Worth 

Ana's age and net worth are under review. Her son Eder is 24 years old. His net worth is $49 Million

Family of Ana Maria Militao.
Family of Ana Maria Militao. Source: Instagram

Ana’s Question Inspires His Son

Ana’s son Eder is a successful football player now, and people see his easy success only. 

But he has gone through a lot, which was clearly seen in the letter written to his young self. 

He wrote that he would face many ups and downs in his life, and there would come a time in his life when he would like to give up his career of playing football. 

Then he revealed that his mother would question him about his desire in life. He said that his mother’s words would inspire him. 

He told himself to never give up as one day he would get successful.

Ana Maria Militao with her son, Eder Militao.
Ana Maria Militao with her son, Eder Militao. Source: Instagram

Eder Won’t Play His First World Cup

Eder has been playing with the Brazilian senior team since 2018. He has been the player that the team could count on. 

Hence, he was able to be a part of the World Cup 2022. It was his first World Cup, so the player was very anxious about it. 

He wanted to experience the whole scenario of the World Cup. He didn’t get proud because Brazil was one of the most famous teams, but he was proud to be on the team. 

But the unfortunate happened as he got injured in training in Doha.

He was preparing for their matches when he was injured, and it was found that his thigh had a small tear. 

It was terrible news for him because he had to take a total of 3 weeks of rest, and in this condition, he couldn’t participate in matches in the World Cup tournament.

Eder Left The Press Meeting Suddenly

Eder was the first signing to Real Madrid FC in the 2019/20 season, and he was one of the most effective signings for the club.

After his arrival, a press meeting was held just for him to talk with the media and express himself to his and the club’s fans. 

He was doing well in the press meeting when he suddenly left the venue. 

It was revealed that the defender suddenly felt dizziness out of nowhere and was forced to leave. He did feel well after going outside. 

But he was not said to join the press meeting again because the press conference was almost over, and the new signing nicely answered all the major questions.

Eder Cased On His Ex-Girlfriend

Eder and his girlfriend broke up just a few times before giving birth to their baby. 

After their child's birth, both parents were very happy. 

But Eder started to feel uncomfortable as his ex-girlfriend Karoline posted pictures about Eder's bad parenting. 

Eder expressed that it was all a lie and that the model was trying to defame him. 

Following the same case, Eder was abused and threatened by Karoline’s fans and followers. 

Eder hence had no option but to case file against Karoline. He also asked Karoline to compensate him a total of $45000.

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