Who Is Ana Pinho? Wife Of Bruno Fernandes

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Who Is Ana Pinho? Wife Of Bruno Fernandes

Ana Pinho is the wife of Portuguese professional football player Bruno Fernandes.

She has two children with her husband, Bruno. She was born in Boavista, Portugal. She is a housewife. 

She is a Portuguese citizen. 

Ana Pinho with her children.
Ana Pinho with her children. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Bruno is currently married to his wife, Ana. The couple has been married to each other since 2015 and has two children together. 

The names of their children are Matilde Fernandes and Goncalo Fernandes.

They have known each other since their teenage days and were classmates. They slowly fell in love and then dated each other for a long time. 

Ana Pinho with her husband, Bruno Fernandes.
Ana Pinho with her husband, Bruno Fernandes. Source: Instagram


Her husband Bruno is 27 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Bruno is 7 million euros. 

Family of Ana Pinho.
Family of Ana Pinho. Source: Instagram

Ronaldo Inspired Bruno

As a football lover and fan, Bruno had always watched Cristiano Ronaldo's games and got inspired by him. 

When Ronaldo played for the Reds, he couldn’t see any other team winning.

He was always looking up to Manchester United and Ronaldo

So when he got the opportunity to play for Manchester United, he didn’t even think twice. 

It was a different country and people he would be with, but he didn’t keep anything in mind. 

He knew what the club held and any player it had. Hence he immediately decided to join the club.

Bruno Expressed His Frustration

Bruno expressed his heart in the interview. 

He expressed that people are talking against him and about his bad games by judging his few games.

People were telling him he was out of form and losing his charm. 

Many people wanted him to score or at least assist in every match.

He also wanted to score and assist in every match like he had been doing, but he had bad games. 

It was not just him playing; it was the whole team. 

His stats were good even though his team didn’t win matches as he was creating chances and recovering balls. 

But as he used to score and assist in every game, people were not satisfied seeing him not score and were turning up against him. 

This made Bruno frustrated, and he hence spoke his heart out.

Reason Behind Wearing Number 8 

If people see Bruno’s football history, whenever he gets a chance to choose his t-shirt number, he is seen wearing the number 8.

And for the new season with Manchester United, he has also chosen the number 8 jersey. 

According to what he has shared, he revealed that the number 8 was a special number for him because it is linked with his father. 

His father used to be a football player as well. His father won many titles at home wearing the number 8 jersey, and he was a football lover. 

But his father had to quit his football journey and choose work for his family, Bruno and his siblings. 

Hence Bruno always wanted to complete his father’s dream by wearing his number and winning as much as possible.

Bruno Was Frustrated With Victor

Bruno’s team, Manchester United, lost again to Sevilla a year ago, which stopped their way to the finals of the Europa League. 

According to Bruno, many changes were created, but the team didn’t score. Also, Sevilla’s goalkeeper was well. 

In the match, Bruno and Victor had some argument after conceding the second goal. 

Bruno seemed frustrated with Victor, and people thought they had a bad fight. But Bruno revealed that it happens with everyone in every game. 

According to him, it is the part of the game to get angry after conceding goals, and to have some arguments with teammates is normal. 

There was nothing wrong with them, and their relationship and the arguments were normal. 

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