Ando Suvari

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Ando Suvari is the father of famous American actress, model, and fashion designer Mena Suvari

He is a psychiatrist by profession. He is an American citizen. 

He is married to Candice Chambers, a nurse. They together have four children named Sulev Suvari, Yuri Suvari, and A.J Suvari.

Mena Suvari Got Raped 

Mena was 12 years old when her family moved into a new town. There she met a boy who was her brother’s friend. 

They came close, and then he started forcing her for sex, but she disagreed. 

Once, he took her into a private room, and he raped her. He continued doing this for pleasure, and Mena didn’t know what to do. He used to call her a whore. 

She couldn’t tell this to anyone and was taking the blame on herself.

Mena started acting at 15. She had a friend who was her manager as well. He also sexually abused her at that time. 

She was having issues in her family too, so she started clubbing and taking drugs to lower her pain and mental pressure. 

She was addicted to it so much. She when turned 17, she had a boyfriend named Tyler

He was also emotionally and sexually abusing her. He made her do a threesome with another girl. 

She then started shining as an actress, after which she left Tyler and left drugs too.

Ando Suvari daughter Mena Suvari
Ando Suvari daughter Mena Suvari  Source: Instagram

Mena Suvari Got Therapy by Writing a Book

Mena had a lot of toxicity around her in her past life. She faced lots of sexual abuse and went through addiction too. 

She was mentally weak and was blind about her path. She was always scared to talk about it to anyone thinking what others might think of her or how others might react to her. 

But not speaking about this made her more traumatized. Hence, without thinking further and being scared to talk about her past, she wrote a book named “The Great Peace.” 

Here she has spoken about everything that has happened to her and every emotion she felt. This gave her relief and acted as her therapy.

Relationship Status

Mena first got married to Robert Brinkmann, who is a choreographer, in 2000. After five years, they got separated as Brinkmann was a lot older than Mane

After three years of their divorce, Mane got engaged with Simone Sestito. He was a concert promoter. 

They got married in 2010. After a year, due to some reasons, they got divorced in 2011.

Mena is now married to Michael Hope. They took their wedding vows in 2018 in front of their friends and family. 

She welcomed her first baby boy, Christopher Alexander Hope in April of 2021.

Mena with husband Michael
Mena with husband Michael    Source: Instagram

Net Worth

As of today, the net worth of Mina is $7 Million. Her source of income is professional actress, model, and fashion designer. 

Age, Height, and Weight

His current age is unknown. However, his daughter is 42 years old. 

About Wife Mena Suvari

On 13 February 1979, Mena was born in Newport, Rhode Island. She was born to Ando Suvari and Candice Chambers

She started her acting career at the age of 15. She was bright at acting and was known for her sex appeal. 

She was not famous and came into the limelight until she was seen in a sex comedy series “American Pie.” 

She received much appreciation for the series “American Pie” and drama “American Beauty.” 

This was the golden time of her career. After her success, she got solo roles as well and did well onwards.

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