Andre J. Lyson

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Andre J. Lyson

Andre J. Lyson is the ex-husband of British-Canadian actress Kim Cattrall. Andre J himself is an architect by profession. 

They do not have kids together. Andre is from Germany. He is a German citizen by nationality.

Andre J. Lyson's ex-wife Kim Cattrall
Andre J. Lyson's ex-wife Kim Cattrall Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Kim Cattrall

Kim is not married at present. But she had been married three times in her past. 

She first got married to Larry David in 1977. But their relationship didn't last for more than three years. 

After that, she was married to Andre in 1982. Their marriage lasted for seven years. They ended their marriage in 1989.

In 1998, she was tied the knot for the third time to Mark Levinson

They stayed together for six years and decided to end their relationship.

Current Relationship Of Kim Cattrall

Kim is dating her longtime boyfriend Russel Thomas. She met Russel for the first time while he was working at BBC in 2016.

Then they like each other and started dating. She spent quarantine with her 14 years younger boyfriend in Kim's Vancouver island home.

She said in one interview that she is very comfortable around him.

Kim Cattrall with her family
Kim Cattrall with her family Source: Instagram 

About Kim Cattrall

Kim is an American and Canadian actress born on 21 August 1956

She was raised by his secretory mother Gladys  Shane and engineer father Dennis Cattrall in British Columbia after moving there from Liverpool in 1956 with her late brother Christopher

She then studied acting in London as she was always interested in acting. 

She moved back to Colombia after her studies, but she again came to New York for her career in acting when she was just 16

She then started acting in various projects, from minor to lead roles.


Kim is 65 years old. 

Net Worth

Kim has a total net worth of $ 40 Million. Her primary source of income is acting. 

The average salary of an actress in America is $91,401.

Andre J. Lyson's Ex-Wife Got Hurt

Andre's ex-wife Kim is well known for her role in the long-term series Sex and the City

But while shooting the series second sequence, she got injured. 

She and her costar Jessica Parker were riding on a camel for an extended period for the shooting. 

Hence she was bow-legged, and according to her, it was very painful. Fortunately, she was not too injured to be taken to hospital. 

But she was given precautions and safety on the set by the experts there. 

She also revealed that she was initially scared to do such a bold series in her 40s and that it was worth it.

Cattrall's House Was Hit By A Car

In February of 2016, the actress Kim shared some pictures on her Twitter

She showed how a car hit her island house and how much damage she faced. 

She also showed the brutal state of the vehicle with airbags out. A 16 years old teenage girl was driving the car. 

She also had other people in the car. 

It was not confirmed whether the girl was under any influence was driving the vehicle, but she crashed the car into the actress's house gate. 

The car damaged not only the gate but also many interiors. 

She was angry about all those things, but she felt relief by knowing that everyone was okay. 

She also told other teenagers to drive carefully.

Cattrall's Brother Death Affected Her Deeply

Kim lost her brother. Being raised together from childhood, Kim was close to her brother. 

They shared many memories and were each other's best friends. 

But his death news broke her heart, and she said that she would not be the same again. 

Kim's brother Christopher was missing in February of 2018. His family and Kim were worried about him. 

Hence the actress posted on her Instagram asking for help from her fans to find her brother. 

But after sometimes, Christopher was found dead by Royal Canadian Mounted Police. His death was stated a suicide. He was suffering from depression

He was 55 years old at the time of his death.

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